Monday, December 04, 2006

How I Spent My The Daily Randi Weekend

Friday, I sat in Hideous Traffic on my way home from Work. I have been teaching A Workshop all the way out in Camarillo since the beginning of The School Year and while I Adore The Kids, I Detest The Commute. Usually, I try to Kill Time in the area before I Embark on The Long Ride. But, I had Plans with A Friend and I wanted to make sure I got home in plenty of time. I was Really Excited to see someone other than Totally Awesome Boyfriend and just have some Fun Girl Time! So, in Three Hours Of Terrible Traffic I sat! You can only imagine How Upset I Was when I Finally Arrived Home, Called My Friend, and then got CANCELLED ON. She claimed She Didn’t Feel Well and that was The Reason She Hadn’t Phoned Me Earlier. I was Livid and Still Am. I assumed she was Blowing Me Off For Some Boy. What could be Worse? Her Blog Post The Next Day detailing What She Actually Did. Guess What?! She Blew Me Off For A Boy! So Not Cool. I ended up going over to Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s House. He let me Cry On His Shoulder and Assured Me I Would Make New Friends Who Didn’t Blow Me Off Because They Got A Better Offer From A Boy soon.

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Actual Hideous Los Angeles Traffic!

The Next Day, Totally Awesome Boyfriend took me to The World Famous Santa Monica Stairs! How do you know we live in Los Angeles? Well, only in Los Angeles would people Drive To A Staircase just to Walk Up And Down Them. Naturally, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I Ran To The Stairs instead! But, honestly, I wasn’t That Impressed. I mean, they were Just Stairs! I grew up in A Colonial. I Walked Up And Down Stairs All The Time. Maybe I am Missing Something.

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The Stairs!

Afterwards, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I ran to The Santa Monica Farmers Market. Totally Awesome Boyfriend bought Delicious Fresh Raspberries! We ate them on Our Walk Home.

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Fresh Food can be Romantic!

Saturday afternoon, I went home and Did Some Work. That night, we went to The Trendy Los Angeles Mall/Paradise. Normally, Parking would be A Nightmare. But, I had received A Free Valet Parking Pass from The Trendy Los Angeles Mall/Paradise People when I Complained about Their Stupid Tree Lighting Dress Rehearsal! See? It is Good to Complain sometimes! We had A Delicious Dinner, it “Snowed” on us and then we saw The New James Bond Movie, Casino Royal. It was Good, but it was After Ten which I guess is Way Too Late for me to see A Movie because I Was Totally Falling Asleep. Which I guess means I Am Getting Really Old.

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Totally Awesome Boyfriend admitted to me that he has A Boy Crush on Daniel Craig! I Don't Blame Him!

And on Sunday, I Worked! I had Lots Of Fun leading A Birthday Party for A Seven Year Old. We Decorated Cupcakes!!!

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Parties are Fun, especially when you Get Paid to Attend!

And now for your Viewing Pleasure, I present A Review Of The Weekend’s Events, as if You Read About It In A Tabloid while Standing In Line At The Supermarket. Minus Britney Spears Crotch Shots, natch. As Always, Please Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Your friend's not only a bitch, she's stupid for blogging about her fabulous night out. It's almost as if she wanted you to catch her out.

Be done with her, I say.

Nanette said...

That sucks about your friend! And stupid for her to blog about it.

How do you get paid to lead a kid's birthday party? Are you a clown?

And regarding your question on my blog: This particular "frutas" vendor is across from the Del Taco on La Cienega, near the 10 entrance. (Between the gas station and that discount clothing store.) But they seem to have carts everywhere. (There's one on Lincoln, near the Big Lots, on the sidewalk.) You've probably passed them by a billion times and never knew what they were.

Anonymous said...

Ahem. I live walking distance from you. And my friend canceled for being sick too. You could have called me...I have no boy to go out with. :(

Gooch said...

I once had a friend who broke up with a semi-long-term girlfriend after they had a big fight about him NOT cancelling plans with me to do something with her. I appreciated his keeping his word to me, but man, you want to talk about Jewish guilt...

Michael said...

Yeah, it's tiresome, but you gotta admit the view is nice.

I'm talking about the Santa Monica stairs, not Daniel Craig in the James Bond movie.

Totsie said...

Toxic friend - Not Cool

Sadly they do it over and over again because they don't get how not cool it is.

And we are too awesome to deal with the uncool. ;)

Anonymous said...

I hate being better dealed with the fire of a thousand burning nuns. Not cool.
Glad Totally Awesome Boyfriend was there to cheer you up. And thanks for excluding the Britney Spears crotch shots from the tabloid photos, heh.