Friday, December 01, 2006

Luck Be A Cricket Tonight!

I have A Cricket in My Apartment!

Probably, I should Step On It. Or Smash it with A Heavy Book. But, I don’t like to Kill Bugs. Well, I mean, I will Eradicate A Family Of Roaches if I see one Anywhere Near My Vicinity. And when I was A Kid, I used to like to cover up Ant Holes with the toe of my shoe and watch The Parade Of Ants scramble to find their Suddenly Missing Home. But, I won’t Kill A Spider. Because Spiders eat Other Bugs! And I can’t Murder A Cricket. Because A Cricket is supposed to mean Good Luck! Sure, Said Luck-Delivering Cricket is supposed to be found On One’s Hearth. But, I don’t have A Hearth. I merely have A Dangerous Looking Wall Heater Thing. My Cricket was spotted near The Dangerous Looking Wall Heater Thing! I figured it thought it was My Hearth. And I took that as A Sign.

And so, The Cricket has been Hopping Around My Apartment freely for The Past Week. I picked My Coat off A Chair in my living room and it hopped away, under my sofa on Monday Morning. It was by My Television on Tuesday Night. Thursday, I eyed it On My Window Sill. It seems Harmless and I kind of like having it around!

Of course, The Thought did just occur to me that Maybe These Were All Different Crickets and I have some sort of Weird Cricket Apartment Infestation Thing going down in my digs.

But, No Fret! After all, A Cricket Infestation would just mean Lots And Lots of Good Luck is Coming My Way!

And that now would be A Great Time to book A Trip To Vegas!


Michael said...

Anything that rubs its legs together and makes beautiful music has gotta be good luck.

That's why I'll take you to Sin City soon.

evilsciencechick said...

doesn't it chirp at night and drive you nuts?

Anonymous said...

I think there may be some weird cricket infestation in LA now? I have had several cricket sightings in my apartment (NEVER had trouble with them before), and you're the 3rd person this week that has mentioned seeing them around their homes. Weird.