Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Now I Realize Why Buying That James Perse Dress Last Week With My "Emergency Credit Card" Was Not Actually "An Emergency."

You know you are having A Bad Day when you get A Flat Tire. Especially when you discover Said Flat Tire upon return from The Very Expensive Computer Store in The Trendy Los Angeles Mall/Paradise. I was visiting The Very Expensive Computer Store in The Trendy Los Angeles Mall/Paradise because I was Purchasing A Very Expensive, Brand New Computer. I was Purchasing A Very Expensive, Brand New Computer because The Computer I currently use is about Six Years Old – Ancient by Computer Standards. To make matters Worse, My Current Computer is A Desktop, too, which means I am Completely Confined To My Living Room whenever I want to do any Work. Which would be fine if I did not keep A Very Distracting Television/DVD/DVR in Appointed Living Room. Or a Cozy, Comfy Sofa. Or a Total Lack Of Air Conditioning. And so, more often than not, I have found myself Not Doing Any Work. Which is like, Really Bad, if you have A Job And Work From Home Two Days A Week. And only Generate Income when you Work. Really, Really, Really Bad.

Yes, discovering that You Have A Flat Tire after purchasing A Very Expensive, Brand New Computer would be A Pretty Clear Sign that You Are Having A Bad Day. But, how about Two Flat Tires? That’s right: TWO. What would That be A Pretty Clear Sign of?

There can only be One Answer: It is A Pretty Clear Sign that it is A Very Good Thing You Bought Your Very Expensive, Brand New Computer when you did. Otherwise, you may never have been Brave Enough to Spend All Your Money on A Very Expensive, Brand New Computer! You would have just spent it on Very Expensive, Brand New Tires. This way, You Got Both -- A Very Expensive Brand Computer and Very Expensive, Brand New Tires! Yippee.

But, I really don’t want to Think About It anymore. Instead, I prefer to focus on how I may be Totally Broke and Having A Very Bad (Yester)Day, but at least I also now have A Very Expensive, Brand New Computer to Gripe to You All About It On.

And now, I shall ReTire.


Anonymous said...

OUCH. At least tell me the new computer is shiny and sexy looking.

Michael said...

Burning rubber burns money. But now you can burn CDs anywhere you choose to drive to.

And the computer and tires are merely accessories for you, who's already shiny and sexy-looking on your own.

Amy L said...

And you also have the Very Hot James Pearse dress.

We can go sit and be broke together but look good with you in your James Pearce and me in my Michael Kors.

We will be thin because we cannot afford to eat, such slaves to fashion, expensive laptops and tires are we.

Oh and the shoes. I forgot the shoes. Did I tell you I've bought 4 pairs in the past two weeks?

I Must Be Stopped. Clearly.

Amy L said...

PS I wrote that comment from bed. Such is the beauty of a very expensive computer. lol

Anonymous said...

Psst Randi, are you up to sending me a photo usable if a certain blogger were to be named as Single of the Week?