Monday, August 21, 2006

It'll Be A Helluva Week!

Well, I am on my way to New York this morning! In fact, I am sitting in The Airline Terminal right now as I write this. The purpose of my trip is to See Some Old Friends Back Home. But, also, to finally see My Friend’s Big Broadway Show, The Wedding Singer. I was disappointed I wasn’t able to fly Back East for Opening Night in April. But, I am going to get to see The Show tomorrow night and I am Too Excited For Words! At the end of the week, I will continue My Annual Big East Tour with an excursion to Hideously Hot And Humid Florida, where I shall be visiting My MOM for the weekend. Even though she drives me Crazy, I haven’t seen her in Over A Year and I kind of Miss Her.

Of course, I booked this trip back in May, just after I had met Totally Awesome Boyfriend. At the time, I had no idea I was about to Fall In Love. So, planning A Vacation smack in the middle of August, per usual, when Nothing At All Ever Happened In The World, On Television, Or In My Dreaded, Boring, Loveless Life, seemed like The Greatest Idea Ever. Alas, Not This Year. As This Dreaded Week loomed ahead of us, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I had been approaching the impending week apart like It Is The End Of The Freaking World. We have been spending So Much quality time together that A Full Week away from each other seems like Absolute Torture! How is it possible that we won’t See Each Other for Nearly Eight Days?! We can’t stand to be apart for Any More Than Two before we start Text Messaging Frantically, telling each other How Lost We Are Without One Another! Oh, Sad, Sad, Lonely Week!

Of course, The Only Solution will naturally be to Text Message Each Other Frantically beginning Today. Thank God for Free Long Distance and Unlimited Texting and….

Real Pizza!

Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes!

Crowds Of Intelligent, Opinionated, Book Reading People Pushing And Shoving Me!

Wait. What was I just saying? Oh, yeah. Totally Awesome Boyfriend. Um, Yeah. I’ll Miss Him.

And I can’t wait to tell All Those Crowds Of Intelligent, Opinionated, Book Reading People Pushing And Shoving Me all about How Much I Do!

(While I am devouring A Slice Of Real Pizza and A Delicious Magnolia Bakery Cupcake, natch.)


Anonymous said...

And real New York Chinese eggrolls. You might be able to stop missing your boyfriend, but how can you ever stop missing real NY eggrolls? I bet your boyfriend hasn't... He probably misses them almost as much as he misses you.

Randi said...

Mr. Naree:

I will never stop missing My Boyfriend! Even if I am devouring A Delicious Real New York Chinese Eggroll that My Totally Awesome Boyfriend may or may not be Coveting right now and is Really Hoping that I Bring Back for him.

(Along with Myself, of course)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad I will miss you in NYC! But I've got a really good excuse at least... I'll be at the circus. No, really. It's work. Really it is.

Anyway, have a blast and don't forget to go to Katz's and eat a hot dog!