Sunday, August 13, 2006

An Important Daily Randi Announcement!

I am Very Pleased to announce that An Original Essay written by Yours Truly is part of This Month's Fresh Yarn Installment! Named, I Hope We Can Be Friends, it tells the True(ly) Terrible Tale of An Awful Roommate I had back in my NYC days who just would Never Ever Leave despite Constant Requests on my part to Please Move Out. I had performed it as part of SPARK at the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica a couple of years ago, but this is the first time it has been in print and I couldn't be More Delighted! Please, Dear Readers, go to Fresh Yarn and Check It Out! It will be Featured all month long! Yippee!

In case you don't know, Fresh Yarn, edited by Hillary Carlip, is billed as "an online salon for personal essays." Every month, The Site features a whole new slew of Essays and Essayists. Incidentally, Hillary Carlip is the author of Queen of the Oddballs, a very entertaining book that I read earlier this summer. A perfect beach read, Queen of the Oddballs is basically a chronicle of Hillary's Very Entertaining Life, growing up and working in Los Angeles. She Juggled On The Gong Show, she had A Small Part In One Of My Favorite Movies Of All Time (Xanadu!), and she Befriended Carly Simon By Way Of Baking Her Bread. So, go and Check That Out, too.

Also, this weekend, I Bought A Brand New Car All By Myself. And I am Very Pleased/Relieved about That, too. So, now, Check Me Out!


Michael said...

You, your essay, Fresh Yarn, and your brand new car are awesome.

Your former roommate... not so much.

the Yearning Heart said...

Well done. You're a good writer.

david said...

mazel tov on the fresh yarn essay. just read it. loved it!