Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spelling Bes

Over the weekend, Totally Awesome New Boy took me to a movie. We saw That Movie About The Spelling Bee that is produced/promoted by Starbucks Coffee. I think Totally Awesome New Boy was hoping that I would find the movie Really Boring so that we could spend An Hour And A Half Making Out In The Back Of The Darkened Movie Theatre instead. But, the movie was Surprisingly Cute, and we actually both had A Great Time watching it.

The film is basically about a girl competing in a spelling bee, against all odds. So, we see her and others Practicing And Studying Spelling Words. Totally Awesome New Boy, being Very Smart as well as Totally Awesome, had fun whispering The Correctly Spelled Words into my ear before the characters would do so on the screen. I was Quite Impressed. Mostly, because I Am The Worst Speller On Earth. I may have the uncanny ability to Capitalize Random Words At Whim, but I Can't Spell Shitt. Don’t get me wrong – I Am A Very Smart Girl. But, Spelling has always been A Problem for me. When I was in grade school, Spelling was My Worst Subject. I always had to study Extra Hard to pass the quizzes. And if they were Multiple Choice? Forget it -- I was Doomed. Every Single Word would look like it was spelled right! It's like A Part Of My Brain is Spelling Defective. Or, Spellfective, as I like to call it. Or, Spall it, rather.

After the movie, I complemented Totally Awesome New Boy on his Amazing Spelling Prowess.

"Wow! You knew how to spell All Those Words in the movie. That was Totally Awesome!" I said to Totally Awesome New Boy, kissing him on the cheek.

"Well, sure," he said, blushing. "But, it wasn't like it was Rocket Science or anything. It's just Spelling!" He wrapped his arm around me to give me a big hug.

"You say 'Just Spelling', like it is So Easy!" I returned, hugging him back. "But, I am The Worst Speller In The World! It isn't So Easy for Me!"

He took my hand and we began to walk towards his parked car. "What are you talking about, The Daily Randi? You have No Problem Spelling in your Blog," He challenged.

"But, I use Spell Check!" I confessed. " And, I have to check every entry, like Seven Million Times before I Post It!

"Really? What would happen if you didn't use Spell Check?" he questioned.

"Um..." I replied as we reached his car. "Well, evryteng wouold be spelt rong. I releye on spel chek prettty heavily."

"I dont beleeve youo. Youares o Kleverr! You kant be that bad att speling, The Dailey Randy,” he said, unlocking his passenger side door for me.

"Now, Read Back what You Just Said!" I sighed, crumpling down into the front seat.

He walked around to his side and said, "Wow."


"Okay. You can't Spell," he relented, sliding in behind the wheel. Then he leaned towards me and kissed me.

And before we began Making Out For An Hour And A Half Like We Were In The Back Of A Darkened Movie Theatre Watching A Really Boring Movie, he whispered, "But you have lots of Other Talents.”

And, naturally, I whispered back, "Thangks."


Michael said...

After the movie, I complemented Totally Awesome New Boy on his Amazing Spelling Prowess.

Actually, it's complimented.

Sorry, just thought that was funny in light of this great story.

New Boy is lucky to be w/ you and and not have you deck him for being a smartass.

Randi said...


See!!! That is Amazing that You Knew/Noticed That! I didn't even know they were Two Different Words until just now! I have been getting that wrong on Spelling Quizzes forever. You possess Tremendous Spelling Skills! (Did I spell "possess" right?)

So, see? I am The Lucky One to be with someone So Smart. There is No Ass involved at all!

Well....Not That Sort of Ass, anyhow... ;)


Anonymous said...

I was the 5th grade spelling bee champ in my school. Can we still be friends?