Friday, May 12, 2006

Roller Girl

Sometimes, when I hear a song on the radio, I think, "Wow! This Song would be So Totally Awesome to Rollerskate to!" Currently tops on this list of Perfect Rollerskating Songs is that Mariah Carey/Snoop Dog duet, Say Something. Every time I hear it, I turn the volume up. In my mind, I imagine Skating Around A Crowded Rink, turning in Circles, going Backwards, Couples Skate. In otherwords, The Song brings to mind The Perfect Saturday Afternoon, circa 1984.

Every weekend, my friends and I would get our parents to drop us off at The Local Skating Rink, "Good Skates." We would Skate Our Little Hearts Out, Talk To Boys From Neighboring Towns, Grow Blisters On Our Feet, and then Wait Outside Until Our Parents Picked Us Up Again at The Previously Appointed Time. And, if for some reason, we couldn't make it to "Good Skates," then Our Driveways Would Do, too. Of course, in real life all I could do is Skate Forward. I never mastered Backwards Skating. I did, however, master The Fine Art of Pretending To Have Difficulty Unscrewing My Bonne Bell Lip Gloss during Couples Skate so as to avoid The Embarrassment Of Being Sans Roller Partner.

In My Mind, The Ultimate Roller Skating Song is, On The Radio by Donna Summer. I could skate for Hours to this song. On The Radio was The Best because it started out Really Slow, then built to A Crescendo offering The Perfect Opportunity to skate around Really Super Fast and Do Cool Roller Skating Things. I liked to do Wheelies with my skates, picking up the toe on my right foot and getting low down to the ground. But, that was Really My Only Trick. To make up for my lack of Roller Skating Foot Work, I would Wave My Arms Around A Lot. And Flirt. The Arm Waving made me look Fancier, I thought. And The Boys didn't mind The Flirting. It made me Roller Popular.

Long, long ago, I gave up My Skating Ways and Days. But, every now and then, when I hear a Great Rollerskating Song, like that Say Something, I kind of wish I still had My Skates again.

Now, though, I would have A Lot More Tricks to make me Roller Popular.

And we all know, Not A One would involve Roller Skates.

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Michael said...

Donna Summer's "Last Dance" was the signature final song at the rinks. Brought a tear to my eye... a) 'cause I loves me Donna Summer b) it was the last dance! and c) I couldn't skate for squat.