Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Actual Letter(s) To The (15 Year Old) Daily Randi At Sleep Away Camp From Her Best Friend (At The Time) a.k.a. Some Things Never Change

First of A Multi-Part Series.

A Typed Letter:

July 11, 1985

Dear The (15 Year Old Daily) Rander,

Howdy! I’m in “Writing for the Media” at the BOCES Gifted and Talented Camp and I’m working on the WORD PROCESSOR and it is totally exciting! Susan says hi! I went to summer softball last night. Guess who was there? The Ronner!!!! I was pitching and he came up to bat and I threw him two balls so I thought I was going to walk him but on the next pitch I threw he hit a homerun! Whoa Bummer!!!!!!!! Guess what? DAWN WHITE AND JASON LAMB BROKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!! I gotta go! I will write TYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!more later.

Your Best Friend (At The Time)

On The Bottom Of The Letter are Two Hand Drawn Hearts Which Read:

The Ronner + Your Best Friend (At The Time)!!!!!!!!!


The (15 Year Old) Daily Randi’s Really Cute Boyfriend + The (15 Year Old) Daily Randi!!!!!!!!!!

A Handwritten Letter, Printed In Very Bubbly Handwriting Attached To The Previous Typed Letter:

Dear The Daily Randi (con’t.),

Aren’t I good at using the WORD PROCESSOR? I know! Well I saw Dawn White at softball last night and she told me her and Jason broke up. What a shame. She wants to go back out with him and he still wants to go out with her????????? This, of course, is what Dawn says. Who knows how much of it is true??? Dawn’s hair is a different color. It’s like light brown. I said it looked nice and she goes how does it look? Oh, well. It has been really hot this week. I went swimming every day. How’s the weather up there? I got your letter about That Really Cute Boy. I think you are doing the right thing by playing it cool and not trying to playing hard to get. It seemed to be working since what he said at the fireworks. I don’t think he would do that if he didn’t want to get to know you better and since you’re going to work with him closely on such a hard play you will have to become good friends and then you can hang out with the popular kids. Where is The Really Cute Boy from? Is he like Your Boyfriend or different from Your Boyfriend? The Mets have a 9 day game winning streak going! Pretty excellent. Rick Aguilera pitched really good last night. The theater group here put on this show it was stupid (and they are supposed to be gifted and talented?????) I’ve got to run. Take care of yourself. That Really Cute Boy sounds like a babe!!!!!!!

Love ya,
Your Best Friend (At The Time)

P.S. Sent you some stuff I though you might be interested in.

(Included is an AP Photo with A Caption that reads, “4 Hurt At Running Of the Bulls” and A Newsday Newspaper Clipping entitled, “Penthouse To Bare Pop Star’s Past.”)

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(Actual Photograph of Actual Letters taken by The (36 Year Old) Daily Randi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Michael said...

I wish I saved my letters from when I was fifteen. I bet there were even more exclamation points than that.