Friday, March 31, 2006

Just Like Cinderella Would

Once upon a time, over delicious cocktails, Good Friend and I were talking about her recent visit to Northern California to see her family. Good Friend has an Easily Annoyed Sister, like me, except hers recently Got Married and Gave Birth to An Easily Annoyed Baby. Which, of course, causes her Easily Annoyed sister to be Even More Easily Annoyed.

Good Friend was Glad to see her family. But, she had some issues with her sister. "The thing is, All My Easily Annoyed Sister has ever wanted in life is to be Married, Have A Baby, and Live In A House."

"Uh, huh," I said taking another sip of my martini.

"It is Soooo Stupid." Good Friend rolled her eyes.

And, see, here is where A Curious Thing Occurred. Normally, I would Nod In Agreement. "Ah, yes!" I would chortle. "Who wants That Kind Of Silly, Secure, Normal Life! How Typical! Boo! Hiss!"

But, this time, I found I was thinking, "I want Those Things, too. What is wrong with wanting Those Things?"

I debated in my head whether or not I should Admit This To Good Friend. Clearly, she thought I was going to Agree With Her. And even I was surprised to learn something has changed in my head. For so long, I poo-pooed wanting to be Married and having a Family. When my friends in high school and college used to talk about their goals of Being Married By Certain Ages and Wanting Kids, I used to think, "Not I! I am going to Grow Up and Be Independent!" But, now I think I Want Those Things! I want to Be Married! And I want to Have A Baby! And I want to Live In A House! Okay, so, well, maybe when I say, "I Want To Be Married!" what I really mean to say is, I Want To Be Married to George Clooney!" And when I say, "I Want To Have A Baby!" what I really mean to say is "I Want To Be Able To Shop At Pottery Barn Kids More Often!" And when I say, "I Want to Live In A House!" what I really mean to say is, "I Want To Live In A Mansion In The Hollywood Hills With George Clooney And A Pile Of Pottery Barn Kids Catalogs!" I needed to Fess Up.

"I want Those Things, too!" I blurted out, waiting for Good Friend To Retaliate.

"Oh, Me, too." responded Good Friend. "But, I would Never Admit It to My Easily Annoyed Sister. It would just Annoy Her Even More."

And, with that all settled, we went back to talking about Cute Boys.

The End.

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