Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Costly Plus

The other day, I was at My Favorite Trendy Los Angeles Coffee Shop. And this is what The Girl Who Was In Front Of Me Was Wearing/Carrying/Working:

  • Ugg Boots

  • Chanel Sunglasses

  • True Religion Jeans

  • Pink Leather Ferragamo Wallet

  • Pink Motorola Razor Phone

  • 2 Be Free Hoodie

  • Gucci Bag

While waiting to place my order, I added up The Cost Of Her Outfit in my head: Approximately $1800. I couldn't see her T Shirt or her Underwear, nor could I determine Botox or Boobage from my vantage point, so she could have easily been worth a ton more. Now, if This Chick Adorns Herself This Way, Every Day, that means her Weekly Wardrobe Allowance totals over $12K. Her Annual Wardrobe Budget is $60K. And, probably, she wants to be An Actress or A Model. Emphasis in Wants To Be. She couldn't have been older than 25 and I Definitely Didn't Recognize Her.

Last week, I had to Grovel At The Foot of The Mobile Phone Cord of My MOM and beg her to loan me the $930.17 to fix my car. My MOM drew up a contract and I have to pay her back within 12 months or I pay a Steep Penalty in the form of Evil Interest. Basically, she offered me 365 Days, Same As Cash, Or Else. Financing. So, I am wondering if maybe Expensively Dressed Chick had to do the same thing with her Mother. Maybe, she has Twelve Months to reimburse her parents for the Ugg Boots, Chanel Sunglasses, True Religion Jeans, Pink Leather Ferragamo Wallet, Pink Motorola Razor Phone, 2 Be Free Hoodie, Gucci Bag or else she has to pay A Steep Penalty, in the form of Evil Interest, too.

But, Probably Not. Incidentally, the cost of Her Day's Outfit could Easily have Covered My Car Repairs. Twice.

God, I Really Really Hate Her.

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