Thursday, December 01, 2005

Unemployed, Unmarried, Unbelievable

Last week, I was sitting in My Favorite Trendy Hollywood Coffee Shop, Minding My Own Business. And by, Minding My Own Business, what I really mean to say, I was Pretending To Read The Paper While I Eavesdropped On Other Peoples Conversations. It is amazing to me what some people in this town waste their breath to talk about. New Cell Phones, Crazy Hair Products, Trichelle From The Real World -- you Name It, someone is Using It.

On this particular Trendy Coffee Shop Excursion, I overheard The Most Interesting Description of A Job Interview. Apparently, This Chick had just come from a meeting at a local bank, where she had applied for employment. As she tells it, the older woman who was interviewing her was asking all sorts of Odd Questions. Since it was her Third Interview and Chickanista really Wanted and Needed The Job, she tried not to seem Shocked or Uncomfortable. Instead, she felt like The Interviewer may have been Testing Her to see if she got Easily Upset.

Interview Woman At Bank: How old are you?
Desperate Chick Who Needed Job: Ummm...37.

Interview Woman At Bank: Are you Married? Do you have A Boyfriend or A Fiancee?
Desperate Chick Who Needed Job: No. But, um, I don't think you can legally ask --

Interview Woman At Bank: You are Still Single and you are 37? Excuse me, but Are You Even Trying?
Desperate Chick Who Needed Job: Stunned Silence.

Apparently, This Chick was being Interviewed by My Mom.

(And, Yes, she Got The Job.)

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