Wednesday, December 07, 2005


A few nights ago, I had dinner with Good Friend Who Always Takes Me Out When A Boy Doesn't Call, but really should be Renamed, Good Friend Who Always Takes Me Out When The Wrong Boy Keeps Calling/E-Mailing And I Need To Get Out Of The House And/Or Change My Phone Number. At dinner, I mentioned to Good Friend that I had seen she was On-Line the day before and when I went to Instant Message her, I was Insulted that she didn't Reply Back.

"Oh," she said, thinking. "I remember that. Sorry, but I was E-Fighting with My Boyfriend."

Apparently, rather than actually have an argument Face To Face, or even Phone To Phone, Good Friend and Her Boyfriend decided to Express Their Respective Angst With Each Other via The Computer.

"He said he didn't even realize I was ANGRY at him because I wasn't typing in ALL CAPS. Which got me Even ANGRIER, " Good Friend explained. "Why should I have to use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS just because I am ANGRY. Not everyone expresses themselves that way when they are UPSET."

"That is So True!!!!!!!!!" I agreed. "For example, I don't use Punctuation when I am E-Fighting I just type Long Periodless Sentences And then at the end of my diatribe I will put a whole bunch of Exclamation Points Like This!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!" agreed Good Friend.

"PRECISELY," said I.

Good Friend then told me that The Next Time I Instant Messaged Her and she was E-Fighting with Her Boyfriend, she would make sure that she would Reply To Me. In return, I Promised that I would Refrain from Sending Her A Nasty Message containing Little To No Punctuation and ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. And then The Waiter Came Over and Took Our Order and My Cell Phone Rang, but I Ignored It.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!

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