Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dating Ditz And Don'ts

Over the weekend, I read an article about how The Dating Website, Match.com, was being Sued for allegedly Paying Women To Post Fake Profiles And Then Date The Men Who Responded. Apparently, a man filed A Lawsuit because he claims that A Woman Named, "Angel" had Continuously Dated Him, all under the guise of Luring Him Into Extending His Match.com Subscription. On their Final Date, she Confessed and told him that She Was A Fraud.

This article is So Funny to me because I know Exactly What Happened. Let's face it - Match is not paying people to post profiles and go out with losers. No, instead, this guy fell for some chick named, "Angel" and she had a hard time calling things off. Maybe he Wouldn't Take No For An Answer. Maybe she was just Dragging Him Along Until Someone Or Something Better Came Along. Maybe he kept Buying Her Dinner and She Was Hungry. Regardless, Poor Angel didn't know what to do. So, after careful consideration, Angel decided the only way out of Having To Go Out With Loser Match Dude Who Wouldn't Leave Her Alone was to come up with Some Silly Story about how she was only going out with Loser Match Dude because she was Being Paid to. "That Totally Worked!" she thought happily as she left their Final Date.

As a woman, I have been in A Similar Situation, many a time. Not wanting to Be Mean, it is sometimes challenging to get oneself out of Awful Dates. Now, why Angel couldn't just tell him, "It's Not Me, it's You and Besides That I Have To Get Up Really Early And I Just Remembered My Phone Is Being Disconnected So You Won't Ever Be Able To Call Me Ever Again And Oh, I Forgot I Have An Emergency - Look, Over There!" as she ran the other direction, I don't understand. But, making up a story about How Match.com Pays You To Go Out With Men On The Site Just To Get Them To Continue Subscribing is Really, Really Far-Fetched.

But also, Really, Really Funny. You Go, Girl!

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