Friday, November 18, 2005

Hey, Mister! She's My Sister!

Easily Annoyed Sister thinks that when she and I Hang Out, everyone thinks We Are Lesbians. According to her, The Difference between Sisters and Lesbians is a Fine Line, due to The Level Of Intimacy We Display. I am not sure How or Why her The-World-Thinks-We-Are-Lesbians Paranoia Set In, but I know that it is Senseless. I mean, it's not like we are Making Out or anything. Apparently, however, Easily Annoyed Sister does not feel the same way, and despite The Constant Presence of her Boyfriend when we are out together ("The Beard!" says She.), she insists on letting everyone around us know that We Are Not Girlfriends.

"We're Related!" she announces to Any Food Server prepared to take our order.

"That's My Sister," she informs the Store Clerk.

"She Is Not my Lesbian Lover!" she insists to The Popcorn Man At The Movie Theatre.

I, on the other hand, embrace The Whole They-Think-We-May-Be Lesbians Thing. "Guys love Girl On Girl Action!" is my excuse. "That Popcorn Guy is Cute. Pretend we just Had Sex!" This Attitude just Annoys Easily Annoyed Sister even further. And then, Sadly, Easily Annoyed Sister usually insists on Breaking Up, which would mean, even My Easily Annoyed Sister doesn't want to Take Things To The Next Level With Me.

Gratefully, she Is Stuck With Me... Lovers or Not.

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