Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But Not As Hard As Breaking Down

On Halloween night, The Cutest Boy Ever and I went out for what would end up being Our Final Date. I didn't know it at dinner that night, and probably The Cutest Boy Ever was clueless, as well. I discovered things were going to have To End when, after sushi, we went to A Bar and I momentarily escaped the crowd for the confines of the quiet ladies' room. Something did not feel right. As I made my way back to My Date, I thought, "I wonder who I will be celebrating Halloween with next year?" And it was then that I knew It Was Not Going To Be The Cutest Boy Ever.

Sadly, I felt that we were just not meant to be together. So the next day, I broke up with The Cutest Boy Ever. And, yes, I Cried.

But, not quite as hard as I Cried The Day After That when I found myself Breaking Up With Him All Over Again! Although I had clearly said, "I Do Not Want To See Or Hear From You Anymore," The Cutest Boy Ever Kept Calling, just like when we were Still Together. And then He Showed Up At My House That Evening, just like when we were Still Together. Sure, it was My Folly to invite him in and permit him to stay the night, because, the next morning, I only had to Break Up With Him All Over Again. And, My Folly, again, The Day After That. And The Day After That. And The Day After That. And So On and So On and So On...

Apparently, The Cutest Boy Ever suffers from Dating Demise Denial. Who knew?

Unfortunately, though, I may be Inflicted With The Disease, too.

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