Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Your Little Helper

I am doing a Work Exchange at The Trendy Los Angeles Fitness Studio where I work out. Did I mention that I Nearly have Abs Of Steel? Yet, I digress. Every Monday Morning, I get up at The Crack Of Dawn, head over to The Studio, and for Two Hours, the responsibility of Laundering Sweaty Gym Towels, Sweeping The Wood Exercise Floor, and Restocking Smartwater Water Bottles Smartly falls squarely on My Well-Defined, Muscular Shoulders. In exchange, I receive Free Classes. And A 20% Discount on All Those Daily Randi-Coveted Hard Tail Pants they sell in their Boutique. It is actually A Pretty Sweet Deal.

The Trendy Los Angeles Fitness Studio calls us Work Exchangers this Weird, Funky Name. I want to say it is, "Savas." But, I may be wrong. Basically, it is a word I Never Ever Heard Of Before and Neither Have You. So, I asked The Woman In Charge what the word Meant:

"Oh, it means, 'Little Helper,'" she explained.

"Hmm." I thought about this. "What language is it?"

And she told me, "It's Sanskrit."

Then I told her that Back In High School, I really wanted to Take Sanskrit but my mom made me Take Spanish instead because she said it was Much More Practical.

And, The Woman In Charge responded, "Wow. You're Lucky. My school didn't even offer Sanskrit! I had to take French."

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