Thursday, September 22, 2005

Roommate and Bored

Tonight, I have A Blind Date with A Guy That I Have No Desire To Go Out On A Date With because I Know Already I Probably Won't Like Him. That is probably not the best attitude to go into these things with, but so be it.

Despite my misgivings, I agreed to a date with him because of The Circumstances. He is The Roommate of A Guy I Went Out With Who Then Never Called Me Again. Well, until He Called to find out if I Would Go Out With His Roommate. On paper, this sort of thing reads like True Love: Boy Meets Girl. Boy Passes On Girl. Boy Remembers Roommate Needs Girl. Boy Passes Girl Onto Roommate.

Unfortunately, in real life, Roommate is An Annoying, Nerdy Playwright. He told me he spend most of high school running his Dungeons and Dragons Club. In our last conversation, he actually uttered This Phrase: "If nothing else, we should get together just to exchange some theatre games!" The other day, he e-mailed me, wanting to know if I could Send Him My Phone Number Again because He Lost It. I thought to myself, "Oh! An Out!" But, then, he Unfortunately Found It Again and Called Me.

Regardless, I figure I have Nothing To Lose by going out with him. In fact, I may have Everything To Gain.

Especially if Everything translates to Free Cocktails and an evening not spent Plotting My Latest Knitting Project.

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