Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Taking A Back Seat

It really Sucks when you are on a First Date and you realize that The Cute Boy Sitting Opposite You may be A Bigot. But, that is exactly how I felt last week when The Cute Boy Who Was Sitting Opposite Me On A First Date asked me if I said The Pledge of Allegiance. He seemed to be under the assumption that Jews Did Not. I think he had Jew-ish confused with Ja-hov-a Witness. Which is an easy enough mistake to make. After all, they both start with the letter "J."

Of course, everyone knows Jews say The Pledge of Allegiance. We just don't usually have Christmas Trees. Maybe he was confusing The Pledge of Allegiance with A Christ-mas Tree. Which is an easy enough mistake to make. After all, they both start with Letters.

Easily Annoyed Sister, upon hearing of The Boy Who Thought Jews Were Anti-American adamantly forbade me to go out with him again should he actually call and Ask. EAS and I were Driving Around Los Angeles, Looking For Parking. It's a Regular Pastime. EAS's Long Suffering, Catholic Boyfriend was sitting in the Back Seat.

"I could educate him in The Ways Of The Jews! Besides, he was Cute." I argued.

"No. No. No." reprimanded Easily Annoyed Sister. "He was obviously Ignorant. Everyone knows Jews Say The Pledge of Allegiance!" Then, to Prove Her Point, she turned to her Backseat Boyfriend. "Catholic Boyfriend," she said, "Do Jews say The Pledge of Allegiance?"

Catholic Boyfriend knew this was some sort of Trick Question. In fact, I could tell, he thought this sounded a lot like, "Do I Look Fat In This?" So, he foolishly answered the same way: "No."

I was Laughing while Easily Annoyed Sister stopped the car and Went Off on him. "What do you mean, 'NO' !!??"

It was an Easy Enough Mistake for Poor Easily Annoyed Sister's Long Suffering Catholic Boyfriend to make. After all, "Do Jews say The Pledge of Allegiance" and "Do I Look Fat in this?" both start with "P," as in "P-Whipped."

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