Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pass It On!

Last night, Old Work Friend, who is now A Reality Television Star, called to inform me he stumbled upon An Important Relationship Key For Woman: Just Play Hard To Get! This will ensure that they will get a man's attention! In fact, it Worked On Him and now he has A Serious Girlfriend! "We like The Chase!" he declared. "Pass it on!"

I explained to Reality Television Star that I Already Knew This. And that All Women Do. I mean, come on -- that is what all that Whispering In Class is about in Junior High: "Whatever you do, don't tell That Boy I Like that I like him," we are saying to each other. "Pass it on!"

Which reminds me -- after a month of not knowing what happened to The Worst Guy Ever Ever Ever, he called. Probably because I stopped caring. And he Likes The Chase. Sure enough, when he hadn't heard from me either, he got Concerned and phoned me up to tell me he "Had To Talk." I was pretty sure this "Talk" was not going to be about who he thinks is going to win Rock Star INXS and instead be more about Getting His Rocks Off In Excess. And, in fact, he predictably told me he was "single" and had to date me again. Then, we wined and dined me and did, um, other things to me, too. They don't call him The Worst Guy Ever Ever Ever for nothing.

And then, of course, No Word From Him Again for weeks. I just can never figure out how I am supposed to let him "Chase Me" when he is in the same room as me. Maybe next time, I should announce, "I am taking out the garbage!" And then, like, hide out in the parking garage until he gets worried and comes looking for me. In a few weeks.

But, I figure, in about a week, The Worst Guy Ever Ever Ever will Call Again. And, hopefully, by then, I will have Developed Some Self-Esteem.

And Developing Self-Esteem is really The Most Important Relationship Key For Woman. Pass it on!

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