Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No Hip Replacement Necessary. (Yet.)

I had dinner with The Kitson Kid and Our Old Boss last week. It seems, The Kitson Kid has Recruited Our Old Boss to come work for her at The Store as her Assistant. Which is Kind Of Funny because Our Old Boss has worked as My Assistant, as well. And yet, she used to Tell Us What To Do. Apparently, we just all Work For Each Other. I guess I am expected to Hire The Kitson Kid next.

Our Old Boss, who shall from here on out be referred to instead as The Kitson Kid, Jr. related A Depressing Conversation she had with A Nineteen Year Old Kitson Co-Worker last week. They were Talking and The Nineteen Year Old Kitson Co-Worker mentioned She Was Nineteen. The Kitson Kid, Jr., couldn't get over How Young She Was.

"Well, how old are You?" inquired The Nineteen Year Old.

"Oh, I 'm Thirty," answered The Kitson Kid, Jr.

The Nineteen Year Old stopped what she was doing and Looked The Kitson Kid, Jr. Up And Down, Shocked. "You're Thirty???!!! Wowwwww!" Then she added, shrugging her shoulders, "Well.... at least you're Still Hip."

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