Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hooray For Hurricanes!

Over the weekend, Good Friend Who Always Takes Me Out When A Boy Does Not Call and I attended A Benefit for The Poor Hurricane People In New Orleans. I hadn't given any money away yet, mostly because I just went on Vacation. That was before The Whole Hurricane Horror Happened, and if I had known, I would have Totally made A Donation to the Red Cross instead. Okay, actually, that is a lie. I still would have gone on Vacation. But, really, I did want to do Something.

Like Party! This Benefit was great because it was all about Alcohol and there is Nothing Like A Hangover at 7pm on a Sunday Evening In The Name Of Helping People! For a mere Twenty Bucks, all of which we were told was going to The Poor Hurricane People in New Orleans, we got These Drink Tickets which you could trade for A Tasting Of A Glass Of Wine or Some Delicious Food. Or, if you Flirted With Him, you could Keep Your Tickets and receive Unlimited Pints Of Beer from The Really Cute Twenty-Two Year Old Boy Minding The Keg. But, we stumbled upon That Tip Ourselves. They weren't advertising That.

It was Great Fun and Good Friend and I met a lot of Really Cool Drunk People. However, it gave Good Friend and I an Idea. We should have A Fundraiser of our own! In The Spirit Of New Orleans, we want to have A Girls Gone Fundraising Fundraiser! We will find A Rooftop or An Apartment Building Balcony or we will just Stand Out In Front Of The Grocery Store and then we will Flash Our Boobies at all The Passersby! Instead of throwing us Mardi Gras Beads, people can throw us Money! It will surely be A Wonderful Time for all! And, naturally, we will then give Our Earnings to The Poor Hurricane People in New Orleans.

Well, we can give them Part Of Our Earnings. I vote, The Rest, we can spend on Admission to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. I love a Good Water Park.

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