Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Single Get Together

While Shabby was on her Cruise To Mexico, she noticed one day in the Daily Cruise-Letter that they were having a Singles Cocktail Party! Inspired by my story of How My Good Friend From Back Home met her Dentist-Husband on Cruise To The Grand Cayman Islands, Shabby was convinced that she, too, would meet a Husband on her Trip. Or at least get a Referral for a Free Teeth Cleaning.

Shabby got All Dressed Up and headed out to the Big Event. She had to go to the 11th floor, and then walk all the way up to the Head Of The Ship. When she finally got there, this is what she found:

Two Older Married Couples Involved In What Seemed Like Serious, Private Conversations.

A Bored Bartender Reading A Magazine.

Someone Vacuuming.

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