Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Not So Shabby Vacation

As most of you know, I work as a Teacher and I have been Off From Work for the past Three Weeks. Last week, Shabby Chic Obsessed Friend, who was also Off, went on a Cruise To Mexico. She was gone for 7 days. Without her around, things were kind of Boring, yet Relaxing. It was kind of like I was on a Cruise To Mexico, too, but without the Spanish-Talking, The Bingo, and The Huge Expense. I snuck into the Local Hotel Pool and Lounged. I tried to get people to go and Eat Mexican Food With Me, but Failed. I rented Four Movies and I Read Three Books. Without Shabby to kick around, I found myself really struggling to Keep Busy By Myself. On Saturday, I watched Three Football Games, and I don't even like Football All That Much. I walked around The Mall and Was Sullen And Depressed and Didn't Even Buy Anything That I Was Just Going To Spit Up And Return The Next Day Anyhow.

Yesterday, Shabby finally Returned! At first, it was like that movie, It's A Wonderful Life. When she called to tell me she was Back, I behaved as if she Never Existed and told her I slept on Designer-less Linens, as proof. Also, I told her I Really Liked Football and was a Huge Notre Dame fan ever since I rented Rudy on Thursday Night and watched them make a Huge Come-From-Behind-Win in the third quarter against Michigan State on Saturday. Then, I told her I Cut Up All My Credit Cards.

Immediately, Shabby recognized I was Very Ill and she Staged An Intervention. Suddenly, it began to Snow Again, I found Zu-Zu's Petals, and we Celebrated over a Huge Mexican Dinner and Some Margaritas, which I put on my Visa. Then, we went to Nordstorms.

But, I have a confession to make: I was Watching the Monday Night Football Game on the Big Screen In The Bar at The Mexican Restaurant out of The Corner Of My Eye the Entire Dinner. Having Shabby back from her Cruise To Mexico is going to take some Getting Used To.

Go Green Bay!

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