Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miss Negative Ninny

Happy End Of Summer, Folks!

Yes, I took some Time Off from The Blog. Personally, I think The Blog is Dead. Not this one, specifically. I just mean Blogs In General. I think Facebook and Twitter Killed The Blog, with Lethal Doses of Ease Of Posting Ideas. Still, I miss being Creative and Storytelling. So I am returning to The Scene Of The Crime.

This summer has been A Rough One, I am not going to Lie. I had some Work Issues that I found Disruptive To My Peace And Happiness and had to make some Big Decisions about Things and frankly, I Didn’t Want To Write About It Here. Also, I had to Study for Tests all summer long, leaving Very Little Time To Do Anything Else. And Totally Awesome Husband has been working Super Long Hours. So, we couldn’t really Do Anything or Go Anywhere and now Summer is Over and I am really Bummed. My only Solace is that There Is Always Next Year.

One Great Thing happened This Summer – We got A Dog! We named him Bernie. Here he(I) is(am) Looking Cute:


He is Four Months Old now and he is Very Sweet. He was one of The Best Things About Summer 2009! Sometimes I think about When He Will Die and I get Very Sad. But, that’s me – Miss The Glass is Always Half Empty/The Summer Is Nearly Over And I Have Nothing To Show For It/The Very Sweet Puppy We Just Got Is Going To Be Dead Someday. I intend to get An iPhone this week. So, that should count towards Something.

Let’s hope The iPhone lives to be at least Five in Phone Years. Or else, I will be Very Sad about that, too.


Annika said...

I don't think Twitter/Facebook have killed the blog. I think they may change blogging to a degree, but I don't think people will migrate entirely to the microblog.

Sarah said...

Yes people, in general, post a LOT less since twitter exploded. I'm glad you're back though :)

Enjoy your new iPhone!

My word verification is icannom. That's very LOL of blogger. ha.

Michelle said...

I'm glad you're back. I just can't catch on to the twitter thing.