Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ah, Sundays.

Friday, I dropped My Wedding Dress off at UPS to be shipped off for Cleaning. I am using a Web-Based Cleaning Service to clean my dress, mostly because all of the dry cleaners in my neighborhood wanted to charge me An Arm And A Leg. That night, I dragged Totally Awesome Husband downtown to see 9 to 5: The Musical at The Ahmanson Theatre. Yes, it is based on The Movie and Headed To Broadway. The Show was actually quite Cute. But, also Fluffy. I think by the time it gets to Broadway, they will have worked out all The Kinks. It has A Dream Ballet that is Absolutely Hysterical. And, that 9 to 5 Song is still a Toe Tapper after all of these years. Totally Awesome Husband declared The Drive To Downtown For A Stupid Play was Worth It! Ah, Nostalgia/Convincing One’s Husband Theatre Is Fun.

Saturday, I was Sad. My 20th High School Reunion was Saturday Night, back on Long Island and alas, I was Not Attending. It really was my intention to Go. But, we just took all this Time Off for The Honeymoon and I didn’t want to fly back East for Just One Day. This wasn’t just A High School Reunion. I grew up in A Tiny Town and attended Elementary School, Middle School, and High School with all of these people. So it was A Big Deal not to go and I am Sad now that I Didn’t. I did attend My 10th High School Reunion! But, I was living in NYC back then. It was Fun. Ah, well. I will go to My 30th Reunion, I guess. Instead of attending My Reunion 3000 Miles Away, I attended An Oktoberfest Party at a house in Burbank. I think Oktoberfest is a wonderful excuse to Drink Lots Of German Beer and eat Wieners in an effort to forget one is Not Attending One’s 20th High School Reunion. Later, Totally Awesome Husband and I watched Dan In Real Life, that Steve Carell Movie, which was Surprisingly Good. Here is a movie that was Marketed All Wrong. I really think I should go into Movie Marketing sometimes. Ah, Reminiscing, Regurgitating, and Renting.

Today, Totally Awesome Husband and I went to The Santa Monica Stairs to Work Out. The Santa Monica Stairs are these Very Evil Public Stairs in Santa Monica. People go Up and Down on them because they are Hard To Climb. Totally Awesome Husband had challenged me to Exercise Every Single Day in the month of October, so I Had To Go. Three Times Up And Down and I was Done. Later, we went to Costco to purchase Coffee and Other Stuff. But Totally Awesome Husband forgot to have The Coffee Rung Up or something and when we got Home I said, “Hey! Where’s My Coffee?” and he seemed Confused. We examined The Receipt. We hadn’t Paid For It. So? Where The Freak Was It? Ah, well. Who really gives A Shit? I will just Drink His Coffee. Also, Say It Don't Spray It Nanette Tweeted that Her Water Broke! She is Having A Baby! Ah, Sundays.

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Michael said...

TAH's strong coffee will make you strong for stair climbing and every day exercising.

Plus it helps one stay awake for downtown driving and pretty-good musical viewings.