Monday, August 11, 2008

Calling All Craftier Than Me Folk.

These are The Paper Flower Escort Cards I keep talking about.

They live in A Shoe Box!

There are 72 of them. I made 72 Freaking Paper Flowers. They aren't done yet. I still need to assemble and add The Freaking Paper Flower Table Assignment Leaves. And wrap each of them in Floral Tape.

We're not Done yet!

And then I have to figure out How To Display Them.

Here is What I Would Like To Do:

I love the ribbon!

I am told this is done with A Baking Sheet and Ribbon. That sounds Smart. Tomorrow, I am going to go on The Hunt for A Large, Flat Baking Sheet. I am on The Hunt for lots of things these days -- last week The Bra Hunt. This week The Flat Baking Tray Hunt. I can only imagine what next week's Hunt shall be for.

Well, at least I know The Hunt For A Husband is Over.

(And if any Crafty Person out there thinks I should be Hunting for Something Other Than A Large Baking Sheet, please let me know!)


Anonymous said...

If you can't find a baking sheet, fake it with a piece of foamcore from an art store, or even a piece of plywood cut to order at home depot. You are covering it anyway, and the sides of those things will be flat for your to apply your ribbon.

Green said...

What she said! And check dollar stores for a baking sheet.

Jennifer said...

Lovely flowers! I'm not crafty but the foamcore thing sounds like it would work!