Friday, August 08, 2008


To All Those Who Wrote To Me Today Very Concerned And Ready To Help: I Found A Bra!!

Today I had My Second Fitting of My Dress. This was the first time I tried on with A Hem and stuff. I didn’t realize it was going to be So Exciting! The Dress looked So Perfect! It is Very Me. I can’t wait to Post A Picture, but that will have to wait a few weeks because I don’t want Totally Awesome FiancĂ© to get A Peek. In the meantime, I got to see How My Etsy.Com Flowers In Lieu Of A Veil Matched My Dress (Just Right!) and How My Shoes Looked With The Hem (Just Right!) and How My Bras Looked With The Boobies (Just Right?!). Would you believe I Owned The Bra The Entire Time?! This is just like in The Wizard of Oz! I should have just Clicked My Boobs together Three Times and said, “There Is No Place Like My Underwear Drawer!” The Bra That Worked is this Old, Ratty, Discolored Victoria Secret’s They Don’t Even Make It Anymore Convertible Bra. Okay. I know am wearing Not So Glamorous Lingerie Under My Fabulous, Very Me Dress. But, eh, Totally Awesome FiancĂ© has Seen It All On Me. At least I have My Something Old now! All this time, I thought My Delicate 38 Year Old Female Parts were going to have to suffice.

Now I can Relax! Oh, except I Can’t. I still have Fifteen Million More Things to do before The Wedding. So, if you are Looking For Me, I am in front of The TV, watching The Opening Ceremony of The Olympic Games and making My Paper Flower Place Cards.

But, I really wish I was just eating Chinese Food. These Olympics are making me hungry.


Jennifer said...

Yay for old comfy bras!

Chelle said...

Yeah about the "something old" bra!!!

I can't even remember how I found your blog, but I love it! And I love reading about your wedding.

Anonymous said...

Very excited for you and your boobs!

albina N muro said...

chack out this ~! large bras