Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just In Case You Were Worried, Yes I Am Still Alive!

Today we had like, A 5.8 Earthquake. I was just sitting at my computer, minding my own business when I realized, "Oh, this must be An Earthquake!" Okay, that is The Story I Will Tell People. What Really Happened was I was sitting at my computer, realized the desk was Rattling and began to Shout, "OHMYGOD I THINK WE ARE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, WHAT DO I DO????!!! WHAT DO I DO???? WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOOO!!!???" while I ran around like a chicken without a head. Totally Awesome Fiancé was in the bathroom, doing Bathroom Stuff. He ran out and told me to Run Outside. And we Did. Then, we turned on the television and found out it was Some Big Quake Out In Orange County. Not near us, but I guess, Big Enough for us to Feel.

This is only The Second Earthquake I Have Ever Been In. Just prior to September 11th, there was A Small Earthquake, I think A 3.0 Something, centered in West Hollywood. But, I felt That and it was Very Scary. At Work, we do Earthquake Drills and when they happen, I Warn The Kids That Their Teacher May Not Know What To Do. They always have to instruct me to Get Down, and Cover My Head. And then, while we are Doing That, I catch a sea of kneeling 8 year olds, exchanging curious, worried glances, wondering Why Their Teacher Seems To Not Know What To Do In An Emergency Drill. I always explain, "We don't Have Earthquakes Where I Come From! We have Hurricanes!" I tell them. But, I don't think they Get It.

So, anyhow, I am Safe and so is Totally Awesome Fiancé. The Best Part is None Of The New Glassware We Received This Morning From Totally Awesome Fiancé's Aunt And Uncle For Our Wedding Is Broken! Because if that had happened, Heads Would Have Rolled, too -- not just Seismic Waves.


Jennifer said...

I've never experienced an earthquake. Well there was one so tiny that if you weren't sitting perfectly still you wouldn't have felt anything and even then you'd have to really think was that something? So no.. never.

Glad you guys are okay!

Cybele said...

It was said several years back that there was an earthquake here in Baltimore, near where I live. I remember saying to someone, "Oh, is THAT what that was?" Because at the time, I thought the city was just working on the streets again, with some really huge equipment.

Go ahead and break a piece of that china now and get it the hell over with.