Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ah, Sundays.

Today, I spent The Day thinking about The Wedding. We need to get A Ketubah. A Ketubah is a Jewish Marriage Contract. It is required for A Jewish Wedding and is A Pain In The Ass To Buy, mostly because there are So Many Varieties Of Ketubah Texts out there. Also, Totally Awesome Fiancé doesn’t like the same type of Art as me. Ah, Contrary Fiancés.

I only have Two More Weeks of Summer Camp. The Summer has just flown by! After Camp is over, I am flying to New York City for A Wedding Shower that Easily Annoyed Sister is throwing for me. Half The People who are Invited have not RSVPd yet, despite The RSVP Date being This Coming Wednesday. Easily Annoyed Sister is Annoyed by this. But, so am I! I want to see My NYC Friends, some of whom may not be able to make it to The Wedding! Ah, Wait Until The Last Minute To RSVP Friends.

On Friday, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I rode our bicycles down to First Fridays on Abbot Kinney. First Fridays is something they do in Venice, California every summer. On the First Friday of the month, The Hipster Stores on Abbot Kinney Boulevard stay open Late and give out Free Booze and Stuff. Totally Awesome Fiancé and I made friends with These Two Guys Who Were From Back East. They were Very Nice, mostly because they were what I describe as, “Normal.” Ah, Nice People Who Are From Back East Like Us Who Are Normal Like Us, Too.

I have to decide Really Soon if I am going to wear A Veil or Not. Ah, Silly Wedding Head Things That Cost An Arm And A Leg If You Order Them Too Late.

Today we Faxed Our DJ a list of Do Not Play songs. Top of The List? Anything from Fiddler on the Roof. Ah, Being A Drama Teacher And Getting Sick Of Music From Jewish Themed Shows You Recently Directed Just In Time For Your Jewish Wedding.

Tonight, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I went to Happy Hour as we are wont to do on Sunday Nights. It was Delicious. Ah, Sundays.


Green said...

Are we voting? If so, I vote no veil. Some flowers in the hair? Yes. But no veil. You'll never wear it again, and then you'll give it to one of your students to use in a play and they'll accidentally rip it and you'll want to yell at them because it's your wedding veil, and it'll be a big mess. No veil.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time picturing The Daily Randi in a veil. (Please take into consideration that I do not actually know The Daily Randi.) But I do agree with Green, it's one of those little corners you can cut and nobody would miss it. (And really? No one's even going to notice because of the *fabulous* shoes!) You'll look amazing either way!