Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Is Not Exactly How I Envisioned It. But, Whatever.

Last night, I Had A Dream.

I dreamt about Needing To Blog. And I knew Exactly What I Was Going To Write About! It was The Funniest, Greatest Idea Ever Ever Ever! The Wit! The Brilliance! How have I never have written This Post before? Oh, how My Readers would Rejoice! “The Daily Randi does it Again! Amazing!”

And then I Woke Up. And, you know when you Remember You Had A Really Good Dream but You Can’t Remember At All What That Dream Was About? You just know The Dream Was Great?

Yeah. That was Me.


Diane Mandy said...

The Daily Randi Does it Again! Brilliant!!!!!!

Green said...

Are you me? Last night when I was falling asleep I wrote a blog post in my head. All I can remember now is it had something to do with smoking and the movies. WTF?

Nanette said...


Sleepyhead said...

That's nothing! Because this one time? In college? When I was stoned? I totally figured out the actual Meaning of Life. But then I forgot it like two seconds later. Bummer.