Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stay Warm.

It’s been Pouring here in Southern California. And Cold. I mean, Really Really Cold. As I was driving to work, I saw Snow In The Mountains, and I am not talking about The Far Away Mountains. I mean, The Real Close By Mountains. I could even see My Breath, something I haven’t seen since November 2002, which was The Last Time I Was In NYC In The Winter. In other words, I think it is Freezing.

Tonight, Totally Awesome Fiancé decided to take in A Movie. With Nothing On TV, A Ton Of Nominated For Oscars Movies We Haven’t Seen, and The Cold, Rainy Weather, it seemed like A Nice Idea. And it Was. The Movie was Good and it was Fun to be out amongst the quiet streets of Frigid Santa Monica.

After the movie, it was Too Cold for Delicious Pinkberry, so I suggested we go get some Delicious Hot Cocoa at the coffee shop across the street from the theatre. And I told Totally Awesome Fiancé all about how when I was a kid and it Snowed, My Dad’s Favorite Thing To Do would be to Load Up The Station Wagon With My MOM, Easily Annoyed Sister, Myself, and All Our Neighbors and drive down to Our Local Small Town Diner where we would all order Hot Cocoa and Cookies and Other Deliciousness. It would be An Adventure, coasting down the snow-covered street from our house to the main road where The Diner was located. Of course, once we arrived, The Place would be Empty due to the miserable weather. Because it was A Super Small Town, all The Waitresses knew us and were Happy To See And Serve Us on such a quiet night. Sometimes, they would even bring us Treats On The House. Outside the windows of The Diner, I would see The Snow falling over our little town and think, “Wow. It’s So Quiet.” But, I wouldn’t know to think that these wonderful moments were Fleeting Childhood Memories. You don’t realize these things until you are Grown-Up.

When we came home from the movie, I mentioned to Totally Awesome Fiancé that I was going to sit down and Write Today’s Post.

“You should tell that Story you told me earlier. You know, about Your Dad and The Diner. That was A Nice Story,” he told me.

And so, I Have.

(Best Enjoyed while sipping Delicious Hot Cocoa.)


Green said...

That was kind of beautiful. Did we go to the same diner in LI? Mine is on Old Country Road - they've known me since I was three and a half and needed to borrow a phone book to sit on.

Diane Mandy said...

What a nice memory!

Heidi said...

A really nice story. And I think I know the exact diner you are talking about, which is now a Chinese restaurant.

Nanette said...

Very nice story indeed. :)

Traci Dolan said...

That reminds me of how all of the neighborhood kids used to go sledding together and our neighbor would fix us hot cocoa, the old-fashioned way, with real milk and cocoa and marshmallows.

The snow would muffle the sound of any vehicles brave enough to pass by and the only real sounds were that of sleds on snow and children having the time of their life.

Thanks for reminding me of that.