Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I (Can) Do (It).

Well, you should know one of My Goals For 2008 is to get back to My Regular Blogging Schedule. If you notice, The Name Of This Blog contains the word, “Daily.” That’s because it used to be Daily. But, I think if can do Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, or Something Like That, it should Suffice. And so, Today, I am Writing On Tuesday! Happy New Year/Return To A Somewhat Daily Randi Blogging Schedule!

This Year should be A Very Exciting Year. After all, this year, The Daily Randi is Getting Married! Of course, I haven’t Booked The Place We Chose yet because I am having Serious Anxiety about Marriage all of a sudden. Ever since I got Engaged, I have become Obsessed with Celebrity Breakups and Divorces. Sorry: More Obsessed Than Usual. I keep thinking about How My Parents Hated Each Other and All They Did Was Fight. I find myself Sick To My Stomach when I think about Forever. Forever. What does it Mean? The Last Time I really contemplated Forever, I was also wondering Why A Man Would Name His Genitalia, “Ralph.” In other words, I Didn’t Give Forever Much Thought. Now, since we have Chosen on our Reception Venue and Picked Our Date, I find myself More Sick To My Stomach Than Usual and have been unable to actually Book Anything! That’s right, The Daily Randi has become Paralyzed With Fear!

Further Proof?

Last night I had A Dream that Totally Awesome Fiancé Cheated On Me by going out with Other Women. He explained that It Was Not Cheating because he wasn’t telling The Other Women it was “A Date” even though He Was Having Sex With Them. Dream TAF – who behaved A Lot More Like The Worst Guy Ever Ever Ever -- couldn’t understand Why I Was So Mad and we had to Break Up, which was Awful. The Worst Part was I had to write the next day: “BAD NEWS, Blog Readers! Totally Awesome Fiancé is Not Totally Awesome anymore!” And then to Get Even, he Published My First and Last Name on His Blog. Of course, this was All A Dream and Something Totally Awesome Fiancé would Never Do. But, it does Prove I Am Going Crazy. And that Bloggers Have Nightmares, too.

I will be Okay. I Love Totally Awesome Fiancé and I Love Living With Him. We aren’t Celebrities and We Rarely Fight. We haven’t Nick-Named Our Genitalia. Therefore, I think Having Anxiety Attacks About Getting Married Must Be Normal. Tomorrow, I plan on Booking Everything.

I Can Do It.

I Can Do.

I Do.

Now Breathe.


the slackmistress said...

The one piece of advice I will offer you is that I find that it helps not to think of forever if forever is scary to you. Just think that you get to be with him today, and make today as swell as it can be. Much less daunting that way.

Anonymous said...

I hear wedding anxiety is totally normal. :) So take a deep breath and book that site girl! hee hee

Happy New Year to you and TAF.

I resolve to see my friends more often!

Diane Mandy said...

It's normal to be a little ansioux. Don't sweat it. I look forward to reading the Daily Randi more daily.