Friday, April 13, 2007

Seven (Days Until I Move!)

It’s Friday, The Thirteenth! (That has Nothing to do with Anything. I just thought I would Mention It.)

So, This Week, I have continued on My Quest to be The Busiest Person Ever. I Move one week from tomorrow and I am So Excited, I might Throw Up. To Prepare, I have been Selling Everything. I Sold My Two Beloved Hot Pink Crushed Velvet Vintage Sofas. I Sold My Lovely Shabby Chic Dresser. At our Yard Sale, This Sunday, I shall be Selling My Desk and Selling My Bedside Table. My Hot Pink Sofas were Sold to An Encino-Residing Woman looking for Something “Adorable” for Her Seven Year Old’s Playroom. “My Daughter Loved Them!” she informed me about my On-Line Photos, posted alongside My Furniture Ad On Craig’s List. “She just Had To Have Them!” My Dresser will be used to Hold Lingerie in A Woman’s Clothing Boutique situated on Trendy Robertson Boulevard. I am Not Sure what that says about My Taste In Furniture. Other than it is indeed Trendy and appeals mostly to Seven Year Old Girls and Paris Hilton Wannabees. So, basically, to Seven Year Old Girls.

Of course, This Week has also been spent Moving The Stuff I Am Keeping to The New Place. Our Future Landlady is Very Nice and offered to give us A Key prematurely, so that we may Move Things In Early. A few times this week, I have Brought Stuff Over, in My Handy Dandy Toyota RAV 4. Now, I don’t need to hire Moving Men! It all fit in My Car! My Car is Amazing! And so is My Future Landlady! Even Totally Awesome Boyfriend is Envious. The other day he asked, “Maybe we can use Your Car to Move My Stuff, too!” And then: “Maybe Future Landlady will Never Make Us Pay Our Rent!”

Every time we Visit The New Apartment, we begin to Discuss Where Things Are Going To Go.

“I think The Bookcase will be Great right here!” Totally Awesome Boyfriend tells me.

“Really,” I say, examining The Cramped Corner he is Referring To. “I was thinking It Would Look Terrific over there.” I point to The Large, Perfectly Bookcase-Sized Empty Space Underneath The Window.

“Well, we will Figure It All Out once we Move In,” he says, Ending The Discussion. Then, This Exact Same Conversation is Repeated a few more times, referring to Our Other Things.

But, being The One who Just Sold A Hot Pink Sofa to A Privileged Seven Year Old, I may just let Him Figure It All Out for Both Of Us.

Unless, of course, Our Cool, Understanding, Future Landlady wants to Help.

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Will said...

Note to TAB - Let her decide where it goes, it makes everything easier.