Thursday, April 26, 2007

No Whining, Only Wine-ing!

Well, I Moved!! Yay, Me! It actually was A Pretty Simple Move. Oh, sure, we don’t have A Working Phone yet. Nor do we have A DSL Connection. Yesterday, our Sink and Dishwasher Overflowed. But, at least we have A Dishwasher now! And we have Cable so I can catch up on all My Tivod Episodes of America’s Next Top Model! So, who really cares if and The Water Won’t Drain From The Bottom and it Overflows?! I am Loading That Baby Up anyhow and Curling Up in front of A Television Set! I will just Pretend The Dishwasher Works. Later, when Totally Awesome Boyfriend isn’t looking, I shall Sneak In and Wash The Dishes By Hand, then Reload them into The Dishwasher and label them, “Clean!” By the way, before it Broke, I had already done Ten Loads Of Dishes. God Bless Timesaving Kitchen Appliances. And God Bless Tyra Banks.

I just Adore My New Apartment. I am Completely Unpacked and Totally Awesome Boyfriend is Almost Completely Unpacked. An excursion to Target helped make The Bathroom look Inviting. We now have Shoe Racks. And A Toaster Oven. And I even got A New Fabulous and Cheap Purse! Our Weird Bed isn’t As Weird as Previously Thought and is actually Quite Cozy. Our Patio is Divine, even though I haven’t actually had any time to Sit On It. The New Grocery Store is Super Big and Clean and Newish. In fact, as I handed in My Application For A Discount Card, I told The Cashier, “This Supermarket is So Much Nicer than The One I Shopped In Where I Used To Live!”

“Thank you, “ he replied. “Where did you Move from?”

“Hollywood,” I answered.

I leave you now with A Photo Of Me, Relaxing By The Fire with A Glass Of Wine and A New York Times Crossword. Yes, according to Totally Awesome Boyfriend, 70 Degrees is Cold Enough For A Fire. He told me if I have A Problem With It, I should just pretend I am Camping because it is Always Okay To Light A Fire When You Are Camping, even if it is Summer and even though we have pretty much Unpacked, we have yet to Hang Things On The Wall, which is A Very Camping-Like Thing to do. So, A Fire, we have Enjoyed.

And now, if you will excuse me, I must go back to Pretending to Dishwash My Dishes!

And America’s Next Top Model, natch.

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Don't I Look Cozy??!!


Michelle said...

Congrats on the new apartment and the new beginning with TAB! :) Enjoy!!

Lori said...

You DO look cozy! I am so jealous of your fireplace, your dishwasher, and your pretty brick walls! It looks like you have it made - congratulations!

Will said...

Congratulations on the new place.

Anonymous said...

You look wonderfully cozy. So, when is the blogosphere housewarming party for you two?

Nanette said...

Very exciting! And I agree, that looks cozy!

Anonymous said...

I miss my fireplace. Congrats on the move. You deserve a little relax-by-the-fire-time!

Anonymous said...

ah but do you have items on top of your dresser?? or not??? :)

Anonymous said...

Randi-it's hilary's sister bethany...did you guys like the moving company you used? i am moving next weekend and looking for a good company. thanks