Monday, April 09, 2007

How I Spent My The Daily Randi Weekend

That’s right – The Daily Randi Weekend Wrap Up is Back! I have been Very Busy! Wanna See?

Friday, I had The Day Off! In fact, Friday marked The Beginning of A Whole Bunch Of Free Days! Well, Free, except that I have to do A Bit of Work and also, um, I am Moving in less than Two Weeks and I still have to sell My Dresser and I am having Another Yard Sale next week and I have to Pack and Stuff. So, it is not exactly what I would call A Vacation. In fact, Friday, I Packed Up Some Things and brought them over to The New Place.

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I Can't Wait to Unpack!

Then, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I watched Eddie Murphy's Old 1983 Stand Up Special, Delirious!

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His Outfit looks Sweaty!

I remember LOVING this HBO Special when I was A Kid. I still own The Cassette Tape! Um, That Whole Ice Cream Man Thing? Totally Real and So Funny! Aunt Bunny Falling Down The Stairs? Freakin’ Hilarious! But, now watching as An Adult, I found myself Disappointed with some of The Material I didn’t Remember. Lots of AIDS Stuff? Eddie Murphy In A Tight Red Leather Outfit Thing showing us His Ass every few minutes? Not Really Funny.

Saturday, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I woke up at The Crack Of Dawn, donned our Running Wear and drove out to Arcadia to run The Santa Anita Derby Day 5K!

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This would be More Fun if we were All On Horseback!

Santa Anita Race Track is famous for Sea Biscuit Stuff! The 5K took us through the Los Angeles Arboretum and then you Finish on The Track running where The Horses do! It was A Really Beautiful Course. I didn’t do My Best Time, but it was Great to have Totally Awesome Boyfriend there. He naturally finished Well Ahead of Me, being A Marathon Runner and all. But, that meant, he was able to Cheer Me On as I approached The Finish Line! Go, Us, Go!

Running The 5K granted us Free Admission to The Track for The Day! Totally Awesome Boyfriend loves The Race Track, but I had Never Been. He told me he had Some Sort Of System for Picking Winners, but The Only Winner was Me. I won $4.20! That was over Five Races, though. I am Not Much of A Gambler, so I eventually Gave Up and let Totally Awesome Boyfriend continue his Quest To Win Big all on his own. Instead, I bought A $6 Beer. The Beer was Delicious! And I drank it Slowly, so it lasted, like, Three Races. Which is A Lot More Races than My Six Dollars had gone Earlier in The Day.

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I hope The Jockeys aren't Drinking Beer!

After Our Day At The Races, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I visited His Mother. We took her out for Chinese Food. I ordered Egg Drop Soup. Except out here, they call it Egg Flower Soup. I don’t understand Why. It is The Same Exact Soup. Why is Chinese Food Called Different Things in California than it is in New York? They really ought to have covered This Sort Of Thing in Hebrew School, I think.

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You will Always be Egg Drop Soup to Me!

Saturday Night, we came home, Exhausted and in keeping with The Foot Theme we watched Happy Feet! Unfortunately, Happy Feet did not make Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I Happy. Since when do Penguins Sing? Wouldn’t it Make More Sense if they were Regular Singing Birds? And there was This One Regular Singing Bird who couldn’t Sing? I don’t even know if Penguins make Any Noise! I found The Whole Premise Distracting and ended up Falling Asleep.

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Happy Feet = Sleepy People.

Sunday was Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Birthday!! We woke up Early and I ran out to get The New York Times Crossword and to pick up A Delicious Breakfast of Bagels and Cream Cheese and Lox! Then we had to Wait Around for These Two Girls to show up. They were Buying Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Enormous Entertainment Unit, off of Craig’s List. But, they showed up Sans Help. And One Of The Girls was Pregnant. Totally Awesome Boyfriend was A Nice Guy and helped them move The Lighter Parts. But, then We Had To Wait Two Hours while they went to Get Help. The Help turned out to be One Of Their Girlfriends and Her Disgruntled I Can’t Believe My Girlfriend Talked Me Into Helping Her Friend Move A Very Heavy Entertainment Unit On Easter Sunday Boyfriend. This took up Hours of The Day, so we didn’t get to do Much for Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Birthday. Eventually, we went out to Dinner and had A Delicious Meal. I got The Waitress to put A Candle in Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Dessert!

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Happy Birthday, Totally Awesome Boyfriend!

And now, I must Resume My Packing Duties. In the meantime, please enjoy This Slideshow of My Daily Randi Weekend. This Week, It features Peter Pan because he has to keep Flying Back and Forth between London and Never Never Land, which is sort of How I Feel when I Drive Back And Forth between Hollywood and Santa Monica. But, also, because I think My Slide Shows could benefit from Some Product Placement and The Sugar Free Red Bull People aren’t Returning My Calls. As usual, Please Enjoy.


Kate the Peon said...

Ok, TDR, I must confess. I've been lurk- er, reading, since I found out about TAB, since he rocks. This is the first time I've commented though, b/c I laughed out loud at this post. Others, too, but today I decided to out myself.

Thanks for the giggles!

Will said...

But what about Ralph and Ed from the Honeymooners having sex? Surely that is still funny?

Michael said...

Will, it is, but the homophobia that precedes it is off-putting... and perhaps hypocritical, esp. after knowing Eddie's tendency to pick up transvestite prostitutes...

I liked his bit about Chinese waiters too, but it's not as funny as Randi's Hebrew School comment.

Diane Mandy said...

I'm tired just reading about your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Egg flower soup??? When I was in LA I didn;t have Chinese food so didnt experience this! thanks for the 411!

Mrs Mogul

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

o by the way the one that was anonymous and said happy bday TAB was me...Orpheus jonez