Monday, March 26, 2007

Bragging Rights V

Early Sunday morning, I woke up and had one of those moments where you realize that You Have No Idea Where You Are. I knew I was at Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s House, but I had No Memory Of Going To Sleep. Last I recalled, I was cuddled up with Totally Awesome Boyfriend and watching, Rocky Balboa on DVD. Confused, I sat up in Bed.

“What happened to The Movie?!” I said, sitting up, groggily.

“You fell asleep during it,” whispered Totally Awesome Boyfriend from under the blanket. “I put you to Bed, but you were probably don’t remember because you were Half Awake.

Instantly, I had this fuzzy recollection of getting into my pajamas. Wow. I must have been Super Tired the night before! Well, that sort of made sense. After all, I had worked So Hard during the week, On Top of Finally Signing A Lease On An Apartment with Totally Awesome Boyfriend.

“Well, how was It? Rocky Balboa? I remember it started out Pretty Good! I really wanted to See It!”

“It was Good,” mumbled Totally Awesome Boyfriend. “But, not as Good as The First Rocky. That one Won An Academy Award. You know, a lot of people are Surprised to learn that Rocky won an Academy Award. And that Sylvester Stallone Wrote The First Film, too. And he Won for Best Screenplay.”

Now, it may have been Early In The Morning, but if there was ever A Chance To Win The Elusive Bragging Rights Back, this was It. Sylvester Stallone did not have An Academy Award! No, No, NO! If he Did, he would always be Introduced as, “Academy Award Winner, Sylvester Stallone.” And that Never Happens! And don’t think he would just be Leaving “Academy Award Winner” off from his name because He Had Won So Long Ago. No, Trust Me, he’d be Milking That Award for all it’s worth. I mean, look at Kevin Costner.

But, Totally Awesome Boyfriend chose to Argue With Me! Aha, Let The Bragging Rights Bout Begin!

Totally Awesome Boyfriend got out of bed and marched to his Computer. A few minutes passed. Then I heard A Grumble.

“Oh. Network Won Screenplay that year.”

KNOCK OUT!!! I WON THE BRAGGING RIGHTS!!! I instantly Jumped Out Of Bed and did My Best Bragging Rights Dance, pretending to Run Up Those Steps In Philadelphia, Fists Raised High Above My Head! I WON THE BRAGGING RIGHTS BACK!!! I DID I DID, I DID! I Pounded The Bragging Rights into The Air!

Totally Awesome Boyfriend just sat at his Computer, Defeated.

Network Sucked,” he muttered. “I demand A Rematch!”

But, we all know, I won’t be Giving Up That Bragging Rights Belt anytime soon.


Michael said...

Yo Randi!

I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna let you take the Bragging Rights anymore.

Will said...

On Sunday I was debating with the Slackmistress' father about which Star Trek movie Kirsty Alley was in. I said the first he said the second. We looked it up and it was the second film. As I walked away dejected my dear lady said. "You know what you just lost...The Bragging Rights." At least her father didn't dance.

Anonymous said...


Did you see the Jeremy Piven stuff on defamer today? He is banned from Nobu forever. LOL

Anonymous said...

Will's right. I almost lied to let him win just so I could see the dance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Cybele said...

I'd probably always concede the bragging rights, just to watch his dance.

Aimee said...

So, are you too busy packing and moving this weekend to post anymore? I love the new place, btw--it's beautiful!

If you guys come to Portland this summer for a long weekend, I'll come down to your housewarming party. Deal? ;)

Hugs to you both--and congratulations on finding the perfect place.