Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Love The Bragging Rights

Oh, Man.

I just lost The Bragging Rights - AGAIN!!

This Time because I said I thought that VH1's I Love The Seventies came before I Love The Eighties. It turns out, according to Wikipedia, I was Wrong. I Love The Eighties came first. But, I still contend, That Doesn't Make any Sense, since The 1970's came before The 1980's. I Know because I Lived It. Totally Awesome Boyfriend now has The Bragging Rights Twenty Five Fold and not only That, I am being Forced To Blog About It. And -- Worse Yet -- as I Write This, Totally Awesome Boyfriend is doing his Very Stupid Lord Of The Bragging Rights Dance.

God, what I would do for A Video Camera.


Will said...

Transcript of actual conversation at my house:

Me: Oh No!
Her: (From the next room)What's wrong?
Me: I'm reading TDR.
Her: Did she lose the bragging rights?

Go Nicole Yourself said...

1. I'm peeing that the boy and the SM discuss bragging rights.
2. Anytime you have a Vh1 question, ask me first.
3. Tell TAB that he'll definitely be showing me the dance when the three of us meet for drinks.