Monday, January 15, 2007

How I Spent My The Daily Randi Weekend

This week’s Edition is being written while watching The Golden Globes. I am A Bit Bitter, having sat in Hideous Golden Globe Traffic earlier today. But, I do Live for these sorts of things. There is just So Much to say about All The Clothes and Botox and Fake Tans. And, Renee Zellweger, I officially Can’t Stand You. I don’t even care if You Are A Really Nice Person in real life. I just think you are Annoying and Unattractive and therefore Undeserving of Super Star Status. It gives me Great Pleasure to see you Not Age Well. But, I Digress. On with The Daily Randi Weekend!

Friday Night, I attended A BBQ And Game Night at My Old Work Friend’s Abode. Old Work Friend has just moved in with Her Boyfriend and He Owns A Real Life House, and A Car so this occasion was A Very Exciting Opportunity to see How Great Old Work Friend’s New Life Is. When I was told of Her Newfound Riches, I dug through My Purse and pulled out The Movie Stub for Charlotte’s Web, which Totally Awesome Boyfriend took me to and I thought was Really Nice and Romantic and Totally One-Upped The Whole New Car Thing. But, Old Work Friend appeared Non-Plussed. Anyhow, it was Fun to see some Other Old Work Friends and eat Delicious Homemade Mexican Food and play Scene It, which I Excelled At because I have Scene Everything. In fact, I was So Good at Scene It that it was politely suggested that I Beat It, as I was Ruining Everyone’s Else’s Chance To Win/Have Fun.

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Scene It, Done It!

All in all, it was A Nice Friday Night.

Saturday afternoon, Totally Awesome Boyfriend came over. And then we went to A Scotch Tasting! Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Drink Of Choice is in fact, Johnnie Walker Black On The Rocks, so this was Right Up His Alley!

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Taste Us!

Hosted by The Johnnie Walker Scotch People, we got to Drink and Taste Lots Of Johnnie Walker Brand Scotch. The Tasting took place in A Converted Film Studio and was Led by A Man Who Wore A Headset and A Dark Suit. He spewed out Lots of Propaganda Information about The Different Types Of Johnnie Walker Scotch in a Deep Radio Voice. Sometimes he Told Jokes. He sort of reminded me of Tom Cruise’s Character in Magnolia. In fact, he was So Convincing I almost shouted out, “Magnolia!” to him out of Habit from The Prior Evening’s Activities. To accompany Tom Cruise Man’s Descriptions, The Johnnie Walker Scotch People also showed us Film of People Enjoying Their Brand. Or, perhaps these were Commercials for Banana Republic. I would be Hard Pressed to tell The Difference. The Best Part was we got to Taste Johnnie Walker Blue, which is Really Super Expensive. Of course, it was Really Super Delicious, too, and now Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I Really Want A Bottle as A Housewarming Gift. You know, When The Time Comes to get us A Housewarming Gift. Now, of course, you all know What To Get Us. In fact, we won’t care if That Is All Anyone Gets Us. Just, Bring On The Blue, My Friends. Bring On The Blue!

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"Drink Johnnie Walker and you can Have Lots Of Sex With Lots Of Young, Scantily Dressed Women!"

After The Tasting, we were Hungry so we went and had Food at A Trendy Cheese Shop/Café we happened to Drive Past. because we are Trying New Things. We ordered a Truffle Pizza. I Adore Truffle Anything. Totally Awesome Boyfriend asked me What A Truffle Was and I told him Something Delicious That Grows In The Ground, like A Carrot! But, actually, I think it is Like A Mushroom. Unfortunately, Totally Awesome Boyfriend Despises Mushrooms and I know if I Told Him it was A Mushroom, he Wouldn’t Eat Truffle Anything Any Longer. Last week, I served him A Dessert and after he reported He Loved It, I told him it was Sugar Free and then he Spit It Out and said Blech. So, you kind of have to Fib About Food with him, you know?

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Don't Tell Totally Awesome Boyfriend!

Sunday, we Took Our Crossword to A Delicious Brunch!

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And then we went home and watched The Office! No, not The American Office. We watched The Original BBC The Office!

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Funny British People!

I had seen it before, Many A Time, but Totally Awesome Boyfriend had Not. And, Gosh, is That Show Funny! Of course, We Had No Idea What They Are Talking About, half the time. Even with The Subtitles On, there is A Whole Lot Of British Slang being thrown around. I hadn’t seen The BBC Office since The American Office went on the air, and it was Interesting to see How Much I Preferred The American Spin on things. Of course, I may be Biased because My Old Improv Team Coach, Angela Kinsey, plays Angela on The Show. By the way, I Like Angela and she is Really Nice in real life and I think she is Very Deserving of Super Stardom and will most likely Age Well. As long as she Mositurizes Daily.

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Angela is on the left!

And now, I present A Slide Show Of My The Daily Randi Weekend for your Viewing Pleasure. As usual, Please Enjoy.


Michael said...

According to the Johnnie Walker free brochure: Red = Vibrant, Black = Deep, Green = Nature, Gold = Indulgent and Blue = Rare.

According to a British/American dictionary: Lift = elevator, Chips = fries, and Kidney pie = Blech.

Apparently, so does Truffles now, too.

Go Nicole Yourself said...

Dear TAB. Truffles are the root of all evil. But Blue things are gooood.

Dear TDR. I too have totally deep seeding hate for Renee Zellweger. Open your eyes. Stop being whiny. Ewww and more ewwww. But I do love me some award shows. My favorite part is always the Memorial Montages of people who died the prior year. Does that make me creepy?

Gooch said...

Respect the scotch and tame the truffle

Totsie said...

I remember being offered a truffle (the chocolate Chrimmas kind) when I was younger and thinking "Isn't that what pigs eat? I don't want to try pig food!"

Yet I had no problem whatsoever chowing down on the pig itself.

evilsciencechick said...

I prefer truffles of the chocolate variety. they tend to be more affordable and readily available at a variety of retail locations.

I don't think I've ever eaten pig food truffles.

and TAB - don't think of it as a mushroom. think of it as a fungus that grows on tree roots! isn't that better?

Nanette said...

I love the American Office! I enjoyed the BBC version, too, but I had a really hard time understanding their accents.

Will said...

I'm just going to say it...This Randi is NOT daily. This is a Twice Weekly Randi, I want my money back.