Friday, December 22, 2006

And Now, The Daily Randi Takes A Vacation

I'm taking A Few Days Off.


'Cause I'm Going To Vegas, Baby!

That's right -- Totally Awesome Boyfriend is Taking Me To Vegas next week! I have Never Been, so this should be Qute Exciting.

But, also, I have A Bad Cold and I Need/Deserve A Break From Posting.

In the meantime, The Daily Randi would like to Thank All Of Her Readers for A Great Year of Blogging! I have A Feeling, 2007 has Some Exciting Things In Store...

And now, here is Footage Of The WPIX, Channel 11 Yule Log, posted in honor of The Holidays. Cuddle Up with A Loved One/Your Teddy Bear and Please Enjoy.


Boski93 said...

Love the blog.

Good to see you are gettiing out of town for the holidays. Nothing helps a cold better than hitting four-of-a-kind playing video poker. Clears out your head, I am told. So good luck and to you and MMM. But please, under no circumstance are you are to split 10's and the blackjack table. Everytime someone does that an ophran is eaten by puma, so you see it is immoral and just wrong.

Anonymous said...

WPIX, Channel 11?

This NY-born, California-dwelling boy says: "You rock!"

ps- do you remember the video games after school when a kid had to say "PIX" to get them to fire at the alien spaceship?

Michael said...


I was trying to find a clip of that, but so far all I found was this!

Anonymous said...

Capt. Banana used to love watching The Magic Garden on channel 11 and to yell PIX at the TV after school.

Anonymous said...

One more thing...will the T.A.B. be taking you for The Daily Randi Drive Through Wedding Ceremony?

Go Nicole Yourself said...

Hope you had a BLAST in Vegas. And I am so glad you loved Dreamgirls too. Did your heart want to explode out of your chest when Jennifer was singing "And I'm Telling You..."? Because mine sure did.

Hope your holidays are lovely.

Anonymous said...

The world misses The Daily Randi