Monday, November 20, 2006

How I Spent My The Daily Randi Weekend

Saturday afternoon, after getting My Hair Cut and Colored, I made The Mistake of venturing off to Trendy Los Angeles Mall/ Paradise, in an effort to Finally Spend My Nordstrom’s Money. What A Mess! It is not even Thanksgiving yet, but The Mall is already Fully Decked Out for Christmas. Santa has Arrived and The World’s Tallest Christmas Tree Ever towers over The Crowds in this Outdoor Mall. But, that was Not The Worst Part. The Worst Part was somebody had The Grand Idea to Run Through The Big Christmas Tree Lighting, featuring Hall and Oats, American Idol Runner Up Katherine McPhee, and Gay Lance Bass during Peak Hours on A Busy Saturday Afternoon, sans Proper Security. People were Pushing and Shoving and being Mean. I guess this is What Happens when you have The McPheever. Just as A Reminder, I Did Not Vote for Katherine McPhee when she was On The Idol. I Voted for The Other One, whose Name I Can No Longer Remember. Good Thing I Phoned 300 Times.

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Bah, Really Dumb Tall Mall Christmas Tree Lighting!

Saturday Night, Totally Awesome Boyfriend invited me to attend A Function For Something His Sister Did.
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Boring Lawyer Stuff!

Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Sister is An Attorney, and this was A Banquet for some Law Thing, featuring Dinner, Drinks, and A Silent Auction. It was Very Nice, but A Room Full Of Lawyers, which isn’t My Usual Scene. Totally Awesome Boyfriend was there, wearing A Jacket And Tie and I have never seen him look More Handsome. It was actually A Lovely Evening and afterwards, I Coerced Totally Awesome Boyfriend into Stealing/Taking one of The Very Lovely Centerpieces.
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Look what Totally Awesome Boyfriend Stole/Took For Me!

Sunday Morning, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I did The New York Times Crossword Puzzle. (Did you know we Do It Every Sunday Morning?! The Crossword Puzzle, that is!) We always Finish It, although Totally Awesome Boyfriend does Most Of It. But, I have been getting Much Better! (I have been Practicing. Crossword Puzzles, that is!)

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It can be Hard! (The Puzzle, that is!)

Then we Took A Nice Long Walk around Santa Monica.
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This is What It Looks Like at Dusk!

Of course, this week is Thanksgiving. I will be spending it with Totally Awesome Boyfriend and Twenty of His Closest Relatives. I must tell you, I am Very Excited! I am usually The Poor, Familyless Girl, Everyone At Dinner Feels Sorry For So She Is Invited To Thanksgiving. But, this year, I will be with Totally Awesome Boyfriend and His Family will be giving me The Third Degree! I expect A Lot Of Intrusive Questions! Yipee! Just in case, I am bringing A Turkey Clothespin Magnet Craft for Everyone To Make. Hopefully, Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Family will find it Fun and Not Foolish. Either way, I am So Excited for The Big Day!
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Gobble, Gobble!

And now for your Viewing Pleasure, I present A Review Of The Weekend’s Events within A Festive Thanksgiving Motif. As Always, Please Enjoy.


Amy L said...

ha ha ha I noticed the same thing at the mall this weekend. I could not believe it.

And I am the poor, family-less gal this year for TG for the first time and refusing all offers. LOL. I am looking forward to quiet TG with myself.

Seriously girl, we need to go hit up that 1/2 price sushi soon!

Anonymous said...

Turkey magnet:

The bad news is that people will think you're insane.

The good news is that everyone will be jealous of/happy for Totally Awesome Boyfriend, because you know what they say about crazy girls. (And it's got nothing to do with crossword puzzles.)

Michelle said...

Randi~TAB sounds fantastic, I'm happy for you!! The tall-mall tree really does look pretty,though! Sorry about all the crowds. I've taken up shopping online, and I'm almost finished with Christmas shopping!! I love your pic of Santa Monica. Sounds like a really great weekend!! :)

Fairmaiden327 said...

Looks great-- enjoy your holiday.

Go Nicole Yourself said...

I live close to the trendy shopping mecca and the only redeeming quality of the hell that was the tree lighting ceremony were the Totally Awesome Fireworks at 9pm last night. My neighbors and I watched from their balcony and it was pretty rad. I will try to avoid all contact with the trendy shopping mecca until January 15th. Oy!

Randi said...

"Mazing Amy: Yes, we do need to Hit Up that Half-Price Sushi House again. Let's hope This Time we get Better Service.

Reginold: What is So Crazy about Thanksgiving Turkey Clothespin Magnet Crafts?! It is The First Thing I Think Of when I Think Of Thanksgiving.

Michelle: Yes, That Tall Mall Tree looks Just Lovely from Afar, doesn't it? Trust me, that is about As Close As You Want To Get. (And TAB is Fantastic, I Agree!)

Fairmaiden:Enjoy your holiday, too!

Nicole:At least you live Close. I left out The Part where it took me A Full 35 Minutes just to get Out Of The Parking Garage!!

Michael said...

You stole the centerpiece at the banquet, but it sounds like you'll be the centerpiece at thanksgiving. But at that dinner, just like at the banquet, I'm sure you'll be the cutest and most glamorous one there. The award for craziest in a big family gathering like that is still up for grabs.