Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Call It O.C.D.

Things I Can’t Stop Doing:

• Watching Food Channel. (Ironic, since I Don’t Really Cook.)

• Blowing My Nose. (Because I have A Cold.)

• Complaining About The Stupid Santa Anas And How Unnaturally Hot And Dry They Make Everything. (Because They Do.)

• Dreaming About Moving From My Rinky-Dink Apartment. (I think I have Outgrown It.)

• Going To Peet’s Coffee. (Fresh Nutmeg, anyone?!)

• Eating Ice Cream. (See Above Note concerning Santa Anas.)

• Working. (Well, I Can’t.)

• Listening To Podcasts. (Because there is Nothing Interesting/New in Music.)

• Fast Forwarding Through Campaign Ads. (God Bless America Tivo.)

• Missing America’s Next Top Model Because My Tivo Keeps Not Recording It For Some Reason, I Suspect A WGA Conspiracy. (Self-Explanatory.)

• Checking My Netflix Queue. (I can’t wait to see What’s Next!)

• Craving Leftover Halloween Candy. (Um, it is On Sale.)

• Worrying About Directing A Middle School Production Of Oklahoma In The Spring. (Remember your 8th Grade Dance? Everyone has Cooties and/or Acne and No One Can Make Eye-Contact! Fun!)

• Thinking About Totally Awesome Boyfriend. (Because he is The Greatest Boyfriend On Earth and I Love Him.)


Michael said...

I have a very similar compulsion for the same reason. Guess which one. Okay, besides also constantly updating my Netflix queue.

Anonymous said...

I do that Netflix thing, too.

evilsciencechick said...


yeah, have fun with that.

how do you get a cold when it is hot and dry out? here it is cold and rainy. I should be the one sniffling. instead I am compulsively rubbing lotion on my leg.

I don't have netflix. I'm the last person to not.

Anonymous said...

Michael said...

I have a very similar compulsion for the same reason. Guess which one.
Thinking About Totally Awesome Boyfriend.


Randi said...

You would think, Reginold, My New Best Friend/Commenter! But, I have it on Good Authority that Michael hates Missing America's Next Top Model. (It is his Favorite Show, after Project Runway. And he thinks One Of The Models looks like Orland Bloom.)

Totsie said...

Which one?

I have a girl crush on Caridee.