Monday, October 02, 2006

Nutmeg, Honey!

My Latest Obsession is Peet’s Coffee. But, it is Not for The Coffee. Rather, My Obsession is with Peet’s Condiments. In fact, I think they really should Change The Name.

Have you ever been in A Peet’s Coffee? It is Quite Delightful! They play Classical Music which makes Everyone sitting in the cafe appear Super Smart! It is quite a switch from My Trendy Hollywood Coffee Shop, where they play Classic Rock and everyone sitting in the café appears Dirty and Dumb. But, also at My Trendy Hollywood Coffee Shop, Not A Lot is offered in the way of Coffee Condiments to Layer onto One’s Latte. Sure, they have The Standard Cinnamon and Complementary Cocoa Powder. But, Peet’s goes One (Delightful) Step Further:

They offer Nutmeg.

And Not just Any Kind Of Nutmeg, neither. They give you Fresh Nutmeg. You grind it yourself in A Nutmeg Grinder! And this is where My Peet’s Condiments Obsession begins.

The first time I spied The Nutmeg Grinder, I didn’t know what it was.

“What is This?” I inquired of Peet’s Person. The small metal object looked like it could contain Something Delicious.

“Oh, that is A Nutmeg Grinder! Just turn the knob!” the Peet’s Person replied.

And so, I Did. And I was Officially Hooked.

Now I find myself Obsessed with obtaining My Own Nutmeg Grinder. I even dragged Totally Awesome Boyfriend into A Cooking Store the other day, in search of the elusive toy. Sure enough, I found It!

But, I didn’t Buy It. After all, what the crap am I going to do with A Nutmeg Grinder? I don’t cook or bake and I don’t make Lattes at home. I barely use My Vegetable Peeler. The Nutmeg Grinder will have to wait. And, I will just have to keep Pestering Peet.

This afternoon, in fact, I ventured into a Peet’s Coffee Shop, craving The Fresh Nutmeg. After I received my coffee, I gaily headed over to The Condiment Station. But, when I got there, there was Nary any Nutmeg!

“Excuse me,” I politely asked The Peet’s Person. “Do you have The Nutmeg Grinder back there? I don’t see it here.”

Peet’s Person looked around, frustrated. “I don’t see it, either,” he returned. Then he added, “Someone must have Stolen It.”

“Oh, darn it” I replied. “I was going to do that.”

And then I left, sadly, Sans Nutmeg.

But, more importantly, Minus The Nutmeg Grinder, too.


Totsie said...

I'm not even going to get started on the vicious hunt for the perfect tea infuser, the purchase of said tea infuser, and the daily neglect of poor tea infuser.

Mmm, nutmeg.

Cybele said...

The Daily Randi, you can buy a glass nutmeg grinder in the spice section of your grocery. It has nutmeg already in it.

My pancakes are yummier than they used to be.