Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Got Lost In Your Eyes

When Operation Project Runway failed, I knew I had to take Drastic Measures to reel in Totally Awesome Boyfriend. Hoping he would love One Of My Favorite Shows would be A Sure Fire Way to Win His Heart Forever, I had thought. Well, at least, His Heart on Wednesday Nights. But, when Totally Awesome Boyfriend declared The Great Program That Is Project Runway, Project Run-Away, I knew I was going to have to go to Plan B. I mean, it was Bad Enough he was A Yankees Fan. I was Determined to uncover Something We Could Root For Together! So what if it wasn’t for Uli to Win!

Plan B meant getting Totally Awesome Boyfriend hooked on My Favorite Show Ever Ever Ever, Lost. Sure, Lost wasn’t exactly on the air at the time. But, as A Huge Fan, I naturally owned The Complete First Season on DVD.

I wisely planted the seeds early on in the relationship. On one of our first dates, I had mentioned to him that Lost was My Favorite Show On Television at the moment.

“Oh, I have never seen That Show, “ he replied. “I hear it is Good. But, I haven’t watched from The Beginning. So, I can’t Start Now.”

“I have it on DVD!” I said. “From The Beginning! We should have A Lost Weekend!”

And so we agreed, That Would Happen.

Of course, many weeks went by with Nary A Glimpse/Mention At/Of Said Complete Season One DVDs. Then, one day, The Second Season DVDs arrived. And, Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Lost Interest was Found once more.

“I wanted to watch The First Season!” he reminded me as I gleefully opened up my new DVD.

And so, we watched The Pilot of Lost together. And, Totally Awesome Boyfriend was Totally Awesomely Hooked. In fact, he took the entire season home with him and watched All 26 Episodes over A Three Day Period. He LOVED the show as much as I did! Suddenly, he was leaving Voice Mail Messages saying not, “I was just thinking about you! How ‘bout Those Yankees!” but rather, “I was just thinking about Locke and I think he is Really Cool! Plus, what do you think could be in That Hatch!? And how ‘bout Those Polar Bears!”

The next week, he Consumed Season Two.

And so, Plan B Worked! Sure, maybe I couldn’t get him to care about Wednesday Nights on Bravo at Ten O’Clock. But, I did get him to Bravo Nine O’Clock on Wednesdays on ABC. And now he shall be Mine Forever! Well, at least Mine on Wednesday Nights. Between Nine And Ten PM.

Like most Lost fans, I will admit to harboring a small fear that The Greatest Show Ever Ever Ever may go The Way Of The Former Holder Of The Greatest Show Ever Ever Ever, Twin Peaks, Fizzling Out after only Two Seasons.

But, I am also pretty confident that Lost is about The Only Thing in danger of Fizzling Out anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for "Not-Henry" to make yet some more appearances -- Go Mets!

Michael said...

Dude, you've got Arzt-illery on you... for luring in the bf.

Totsie said...

I just watched the pilot episode for the first time last night. I could kill Totally Awesome Somebody right now because I won't have the rest of the season in my greedy little hands until tonight. Gah! I'm not going to make it!!

ps - Thanks for stopping by my pad!