Monday, September 18, 2006

No More W(h)ining!

I finally broke My Other Wine Glass.

I guess that means The Anti-Feng-Shui Curse is Broken. In case you don’t recall, I always kept Two Wine Glasses on hand, because Someone Once Told Me/I Read In Real Simple Magazine that it was always important to Be Prepared For Company/Cute Boys. But, most of the time, I just made use of One, Single Glass. The Other Glass just sat, Unused, in my kitchen cabinet. Then, I accidentally broke One Of The Glasses, right when I found myself in A Relationship. I considered that Good Luck. And so, I developed Anti-Feng Shui and I refused to Buy A New Wine Glass! I would live with just One Single Glass! Well, Part Of Breaking The Curse was that A New Glass could be Purchased For Me. Except, I never got A New Wine Glass. Despite lots and lots of Hints.

Sample Hinting Conversation:

Me: Totally Awesome Boyfriend would you like A Delicious Glass Of Wine?

Totally Awesome Boyfriend: Why, Yes, The Daily Randi! A Delicious Glass Of Wine sounds quite refreshing!

Me: Great! Let me get that Delicious Glass Of Wine for you. But, wait! I forgot – I only have One Wine Glass! If only Someone went to Crate and Barrel and purchased me A New (Only $3.95) Wine Glass! Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWhoa, is me!

Totally Awesome Boyfriend: Oh, I don’t care, The Daily Randi. I will drink My Wine out of This Ceramic Coffee Mug instead!

Me: Grrrrr.

And, so it was inevitable that The Single Glass should Break. And Good Riddance, say I! It had Perfect Timing. I haven’t sipped from The Proverbial Single Glass in months! Plus, I really had My Eye on These Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOlive Tinted Wine Glasses that I just saw in The Crate and Barrel Fall Catalogue and I read in Real Simple Magazine that Olive is The New Amber. I was Free to get myself A Matching Set, Not Worry About A Curse, and be Super Trendy!! And The Best Part is that I know I will actually make use of Both Glasses!

Now, If only I can break Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Habit of Drinking Wine out of A Ceramic Coffee Mug.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Anonymous said...

Ugh -- and you call yourself a self-respecting Mets fan? You show a Yankees mug right after the Mets clinch the first spot in the Playoffs???? You have moved to the dark side -- perhaps that is what happens on the left coast. ;-)

Randi said...

Dear N/S:

I used An Evil Yankees Mug because it is Totally Awesome Boyfriend's Wine Glass Of Choice. See???? Get it???? Totally Awesome Boyfriend likes The Yankees! Not Me!!!!

Also, I think, if you clicked on Said Mug, you would have been Quite Amused.....

Let's Go Mets,

Anonymous said...

Ok - I'll give you that -- but to even have said Yankee mug in your house....don't the existence of such things cause vermin to infest? I have heard rumors to the such.