Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy 5767

How I Spent My Jewish New Year
by The Daily Randi

• Knit.

• Purchased Brand New Justin Timberlake CD.

• Hooked up Stereo to Airport Express so that I can play Aforementioned Brand New Justin Timberlake CD from Brand New, Very Expensive Laptop anywhere in apartment and it will come through Living Room Speakers – Sans Wires! Bring Sexy, not just Back, but to Living Room and Beyond!

• Ran.

• Attended a Full Of Old People Rosh Hashanah Dinner Party with Totally Awesome Boyfriend. Witnessed Fifty-Something Woman at Said Rosh Hashanah Dinner Party stand up and Belt Out A Song, American Idol Style at the dinner table after someone said to her, “Oh, you are A Singer? You should Sing Something Right Now!” After Two Long, Tediously Over-Sung, Torturous Verses, I turned to Totally Awesome Boyfriend and whispered, “Your Turn!” I really wanted him to stand up and Freestyle Rap.

• Watched The Disk With The Extras from the Lost, Season 2 DVD.

• Watched America’s Next Top Model via My Beloved Tivo.

• Watched The Greatest Movie Ever Made with Totally Awesome Boyfriend! What’s it called? Orca: The Killer Whale! See, This Whale? Well, it is Not Just A Whale! It is A Killer Whale! And The Killer Whale gets Really Angry when its Mate gets Caught, Hung Upside Down On A Boat, and Loses Her Whale Fetus When It Falls Out Of Her And Then Gets Flushed Off The Boat Deck. So, The Killer Whale starts Attacking Things, namely Richard Harris!. But, also, it Bites Off Young Bo Derek’s Broken Leg, too. Go Netflix it Right Now!!

• Had Goodbye Sushi Dinner with Easily Annoyed Sister who embarked on her Cross Country Move back to New York on Sunday. Ironically, this Situation has Me Easily Annoyed instead, as Totally Awesome Boyfriend refuses to Eat Sushi and I will Have To Enjoy Said Meal As Sad, Solo, Sisterless Activity from now on.

• Had Delicious Apples with Honey.

• Had (Delicious) Sex with (My) Honey.


Amy L said...

I'll eat sushi with you!

d said...

Is it 5767 already? My first year of Hebrew school, I learned it was 5744. How the Jew years fly...

Jack said...

I'm not really up to speed on my pop culture current events and what not, so for quite some time I was unaware who Justin Timberlake was.

I'm also not up to speed on what you might call popular music, but every so often I'll be driving and the radio choices will be limited and I'll tune into one of those hip hop type of stations.

So last week I heard this song, which I couldn't understand most of the words, and further which I thought was sung by a chick.

Today I heard it again and still couldn't make out most of it and still thought it was by a chick until it was over and they said it was caled "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake.