Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Daily RUNdi

On Sunday, I Ran A 5K! I did it for A Good Cause – Ovarian Cancer Research. Ever since Supermodel Cindy was diagnosed with The Disease, I have been thinking of ways I could do my part to Help. While shopping a few months ago, I saw a flyer for This Particular 5K and though it would be Perfect. All The Proceeds were going to fund Various Ovarian Cancer Organizations.

Of course, The Last (and Only Other) 5K I had run previously was on Thanksgiving, 2005. I Hadn’t Trained a lick for that one and managed to Run Most Of It. This time around, I decided I could Run All Of It. Naturally, I didn’t Train one iota for this 5K, either. Who needs to Practice?

But, Run, Run, RUN I did! Now, Totally Awesome Boyfriend happens to be An Amazing Runner. He Actually Trains and has run Three Marathons, which I find Totally Awesomely Impressive. Totally Awesome Boyfriend told me he thought I could finish in Under 35 minutes. So, I had Two Goals: Finish In Under 35 Minutes and Run The Entire Thing. The Whole Length Of The Race, I thought of Totally Awesome Boyfriend Cheering Me On, telling me I Could Do It! And, of course, I thought of Supermodel Cindy. And My Ovaries. I was So Determined to Achieve My Missions.

And guess what?! I did The 5K in 31 Minutes, 27 Seconds and I Ran The Entire Thing! Goody for Me and Goody for Ovarian Cancer Research! Of course, today, I am In Pain. My Calves Ache. My Legs Throb. My Arm is Super Tender for some odd reason. And My Boobs are Really Killing Me. Also, I think I am Ovulating.

Well, Those Last Two Issues probably have less to do with Running A 5K For Ovarian Cancer Research and much more to do with It Just Being That Time Of The Month.


Michael said...

Way to go, The Daily Randi! I don't know what your bf says, but I bet next time you can do it in under 30 minutes. In the meantime, he should massage your calves, legs and arm. The boobs go without saying.

Randi said...


If I didn't know any better, I would think you were Flirting With Me. My T.A. BF isn't going to be Happy. I'd watch out if I I were You -- He may Run You Over!


P.S. You're Hot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats! That's incredibly impressive. (And, um, sorry to interrupt the banter...)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That is fantastic stuff.

Crystal said...

Congrats Randi, very impressive and for a good cause. Good for you! How is your friend Cindy doing, btw?