Monday, July 10, 2006

Painlessly Obvious

A few months ago, I wrote about A Pain I was experiencing In My Ass. In case you don't recall My Painal Tale Of Woe, My Tailbone has been aching for about a year. Whenever I would sit in a soft chair or would be on a long car drive or even if I was just sitting in a movie theatre, I would be seething in Buttock Bite. I even went to a doctor but was told there was very little they could do about My Dreadfully Difficult Derriere. And, so, I suffered silently, taking Advil by the handful, and trying not to sit down when and if I didn't have to.

At the time that I wrote The Tale About My Terrorizing Tailbone, I joked that My Hideous Haunch Horror was not any of The Duds Who Were Driving Me Nuts/Dating Me At The Time, but instead A Real Live Pain. But, do you want to know something Weird? The Pain In My Ass has gone MIA since I rid my life of Those Other Pains In My Asses. In fact, My Fanny hasn't Fazed Me in months -- Two Months, to be precise. Which is funny because Two Months ago, I Began Dating Totally Awesome Boyfriend. And he is definitely Not A Pain In My Ass.

In fact, he is Anything Butt.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear how you left all that pain BEHIND.

Margaret said...

Quite an amusing tail!