Sunday, July 09, 2006

He’s Cute, I’d Blog Him

As a Blogger, I make it My Habit to try and read lots of Other Blogs every day. I have A Bunch Of Faves, that I keep in A List To The Right. I greatly enjoy The Gossip Blogs, like Defamer and Pink Is The New Blog. But, I also like to read what I call The Chick Lit Blogs, or Chick Blits. You know -- Blogs Written By Thirty-Something Women That Are All About Dating and Clothes. Like, um, say, The Daily Randi!

A Common Topic that comes up on these Chick Blits is the question as to What To Do If The Boy You Are Dating Or Dumped Or Dated Once And Had Terrible Breath Discovers Your Blog. This is one I always find Amusing, because Nearly Every Boy I Have Ever Dated has known All About The Daily Randi. Since I only date Men With Senses Of Humor, it has never been A Real Issue. And, in fact, I have gone out with Quite A Few Men who Read The Daily Randi first and then sent me Flirty E-Mail, asking me out. Knowing that All Of My Silly Past Adventures are sitting up there on The Internet for Any Boy to read can sometimes be Unnerving, I will admit. But, I just tell myself, “This must be Exactly How Paris Hilton Feels!” Minus The Intrusive Vagina Shots, naturally.

However, now I am Dating A Boy With His Own Blog. In fact, Totally Awesome Boyfriend maintains A Very Popular Site All His Very Own! Even more amusing is that we met at A Blogger Networking Function, or what I termed a Bloggering, organized by A Fellow Los Angeles Blogger! Of course, being Opposite Sexes we write about Different Topics. I write all about Dating, Dudes, and Designer Duds. Totally Awesome Boyfriend writes about things that make him Grumpy or Guffaw. And, sometimes, He posts Totally Awesome Doodles, too.

Being in A Relationship with A Fellow Blogger can sometimes be a bit strange. Most couples lounge around on Lazy Sundays, whispering Sweet Nothings and asking each other, “What should we do today?” or “What should we eat for dinner?" But, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I lounge around and whisper, "Wow, I really should Go Post Something On My Blog!" and ask questions like, “What should I Blog About today?” Sometimes, Totally Awesome Boyfriend comes to my apartment straight from work and asks, "Do you mind if I check My Sitemeter real quick?" At dinner, I once turned to him and announced, "I received So Many Comments On Today's Post!" Often we promise each other, “I Would Never Blog About Any Of This.”

My Absolute Favorite Part of Having A Blogging Boyfriend, though, is when we Leave Comments on Each Other's Blogs, pretending that we are Not The People The Post Is Written About. It is kind of like If We Went Out To A Bar And He Pretended He Didn’t Know Me And He Tried To Pick Me Up And Bring Me Home and Have His Way With Me! It may seem like Flirting. But, since it is on A Blog, I call it Blirting!

Of course, because we Blirt so much, I can't Link to Totally Awesome Boyfriend's Blog. That would Ruin All The Fun.

But, I can tell you this: Totally Awesome Boyfriend's Blog is Totally Awesome, just like Him!

(Ohmygod, I am such A Blirt!)

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Anonymous said...

At that Bloggering, what did he use as a pickup line? "Hey baby, wanna link to my sidebar?" "Your site or mine"? or "I've got a really big post just for you."