Thursday, July 13, 2006

An Important Messy-age From The Daily Randi

I tend to be Messy. Um, okay. Not Tend. Just Messy. Well, others define it as Messy. I prefer to call it Organized With A Twist! For example, in my bedroom, I have Piles Of Clothes. They are all neatly folded. Just, not in any Drawers. Instead, The Piles Of Clothing are scattered on the carpet, around my bed. Oh, I have Drawers. In fact, I possess A Lovely White, Wood, Shabby Chic Dresser. But, its only function is Decoration. Besides My Piles, The outsides of my closet doors are covered with Layers Of Dresses On Hangers. Yes, I know -- it would make a lot more sense to place The Layers Of Dressers On Hangers inside the closet like one is supposed to. But, then, I wouldn’t be able to View Them. See, I keep Piles Of Clothes around my bed and Hangers of Dresses on the outside of the closet just so I can see what I have to wear. When I put my clothes away in say, a drawer or a closet, I tend to forget I have Anything To Wear At All and then I end up Shopping. And, so I have developed My Piles Of Clothes Folded Neatly On The Floor And Layers Of Dresses On Hangers Outside My Closet System.

Now, My System works Perfectly, as long No One Ever Comes Over And Ventures Into My Bedroom. But, now I have A Totally Awesome Boyfriend and he is Always In My Bedroom. In the beginning, I carefully hid The Piles in my dresser and closet, like A Normal Person. But then, I ended up going Shopping because to my eye, I Had No Clothes. And those New Piles of New Clothes have taken the place of The Old Piles of Old Clothes and now Nothing Fits Nowhere And My Drawers And Closet are Totally Full! So, while my bedroom may be Visited More Frequently Than Ever, it is now officially Messier Than Ever, too. I am kind of hoping that Totally Awesome Boyfriend doesn't notice. That's My New System. I call it The Totally Awesome Boyfriend Hopefully Won't Notice The Mess System. Except that I know he will read this post and now he is going to be on the lookout. So, The Totally Awesome Boyfriend Hopefully Won't Notice The Mess System is almost sure to backfire. But, being that he is Totally Awesome, he shouldn’t mind.

However, I can always go to My Third Plan: Actually Dismantle The Piles and Throw Everything Away. I call this The Clean My Room System.

I like to think that if I had A Very Large Walk In Closet, it would solve My Pile/Hanger Woes. Because, basically, A Walk In Closet is just A Very Large Room Dedicated To Neatly Stored Piles And Hangers Of Clothing. I once saw pictures of Mariah Carey's Very Large Walk In Closet and all it was was Piles Of Clothing and Rows upon Rows of Dresses On Hangers! Really Ugly, Skanky Clothing And Dresses. But, Piles and Hangers Of It, nonetheless!

Some day, I hopefully will have My Very Own, Very Large Walk In Closet. Until then -- well, until then, I will just have to Clean My Room. Or Blindfold The Boyfriend In The Bedroom.

But, I may just Blindfold The Boyfriend In The Bedroom, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

All relationships need a degree of blindness, deafness and occasionally, dumbness, to last. I doubt your boyfriend will object to a blindfold to help him out in this area, however.

You're insatiably cute and sassy, Randi. I'm often not sure what you're blogging about, but I intend to keep reading to get to the bottom of it.