Monday, July 17, 2006

Special Weekday Greatest Hits: Out Scouting

Originally Published Tuesday, March 30, 2004

On Saturday, Dionncey (Not Her Real Name) invited me to go on an Amazing Hike in the Angeles National Forest and it was Splendid. I think it was a 6 Mile Hike, and it took Us about Two And A Half Hours to do. It was So Pretty -- there was a Creek and Waterfalls and Lizards and Boy Scouts. I don't think there are Always Boy Scouts. I think it was Just That Weekend. The Boy Scouts were on a Camping Trip and I thought it would be Fun if we Took Their Food that They Had Hanging In Sacks Up In The Trees. They were Keeping Their Food In Sacks High Up In The Trees to make sure Wild Animals Didn't Get To It. But, I could Still Get To It and I thought that would be a Valuable Lesson to teach the Boy Scouts -- Hanging Your Food In A Tree Prevents Wild Animals From Eating It, But Not Wild Girls. That Tree Thing was No Hindrance for Wild Girls Who May Be Hungry And Roaming The Forest. And I am One who is of The Strong Opinion that it is Never To Early To Teach Boy Scouts to Beware Of Very Hungry Wild Girls. But Dionncey (Not Her Real Name) told me Stealing Their Sacks Of Food would Be Mean because then They May Never Make Eagle Scout.

And she said Those Sacks were probably just full of Stinky Trail Mix anyhow.

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